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more john chapman

in the course of one week we have gone from almost 100 degree temperatures to rain and lows in the 50’s.  it is truly starting to feel like fall.  i love fall, it is actually my favorite season.  but i don’t love that winter follows it so closely.  fall in michigan always seems so short in comparison to fall in maryland.  winter comes much more quickly here.  in preparation for my show that is currently up i spent a lot of time reading about the life of john chapman ( aka johnny appleseed) and pioneer times.  winter during those times was a life or death situation, but with the rising costs of food, gas, oil and the shrinking job possibilities it seems that winter is becoming more of a life or death situation to more people.  john chapman was tough rugged man.  he lived largely outdoors and alone, surviving the elements and living off the earth.  he was an animal lover and committed vegetarian.  he fervently believed in the new church of swedenborg and spent most of his life planting apple orchards spreading the good word.  as a man he is very different from the myth that was created around him.  the myth softened the edges and gentled the wild man, and made a more palatable version of this man.  ultimately, as these things often go, the man is much more interesting than the myth.  below is a paper cut from my series about his life.  more creative spaces here.

hiding in the reeds


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new solo show!

hi, wow it has been a long time.  in fact it has been a long few months and i have a lot to share.  but the most pressing to share is that i have my first solo show ever, and it is up right now!!  i will be sharing some of the artwork from that show over the next few weeks.  but here are the details:

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack and Stacey Malasky: Cut Paper

I have two new series of paper-cuts on display at the gallery.  the first one explores the life john chapman who later came to be known as johnny appleseed.  the second is called ‘home economics’ and is centered around hands making things.  There will be a closing reception on Friday, September 23, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The artists will discuss their work at a gallery talk on Saturday, September 24 at 2:00 pm. The exhibit and gallery talk are free and open to the public. The show is located at Paint Creek Center for the Arts at 407 Pine Street Rochester, MI.  The show runs through September 24th.

in addition to my show there is a group show in the upstairs gallery that is all about paul bunyan, and worth checking out!!

the good word

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happy spring!

it has been a while since i posted last.  and since then spring has officially arrived!!  yeahhh!!  although we are under a winter storm watch for tonight, booooo.   i have been a little distracted for the past few weeks, and haven’t been feeling all that well, so i did not have a lot to say that wasn’t cranky and full of self pity.  but i have been keeping myself busy.  i’ve been steadily working on my sweater, and got to the point where i divided for sleeves and knitted a few inches below that.  i was so excited i put the stitches on waste yarn and tried it on.  well, it ended up being about 8 inches too big!  yikes my gauge was a half stitch off and it will only grow when i block it.  so while freaking out i emailed nora, my lovely knitting guru and acupuncturist, and she gave me some advice, some of which i knew and didn’t want to hear.  i needed to start over.  i ripped it back to the yoke, and haven’t been able to start working on it again.  but i redid my gauge swatches and found a better size needle and i will restart again this week (after i finish pouting).

i have also been starting seeds and working in the garden.  we had a beautiful warm day on friday and i pulled back the plastic on the hoops and discovered lots of spring growth on the spinach.  i also planted beets, carrots, arugula, onions, and lettuce mix.  i have some seeds started in the house and more ready to go.  my crop schedule is all on the calendar, and seeds are organized.  now i just need to make some spring tonic bee food and check the ladies.  we have had one hive die in our backyard, and one survive.  so i will most likely split that healthy hive this spring.  at earthworks we currently have a 76% survival rate, although this is the touchiest part of the season, when a hive that survived all winter can bite it quite suddenly.

so now i need to keep myself motivated working on art, even though i am distracted by the outdoors.  i still have not found a good way to manage my time effectively.  i have a strange feeling that i will be saying that for the rest of my life.  so for now i will leave you with another newer papercut of planting seeds!!!

sowing seeds


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the state lottery

recently i finished the album artwork for my friend bobby’s band, the state lottery.  i took a really really long time finishing it.  but the final product turned out really nice.  megan did the lettering for the front and i cut it.  the front and back are both papercuts.

front cover

if you are interested in downloading the album for free or buying the album you can do so here.  the album is really really wonderful. it is beautiful, fun, and poignant.  it chronicles a tough time for a lot of us when we lost dave and the aftermath and consequences of that.  i was lucky enough to be asked to come to the recording studio, along with a few other friends, and sing back up vocals for one of the songs.  i am sure that at this point bobby is on to the next thing his creative little brain is cooking up, but this album is definitely something to be proud of.

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a few weeks ago i was riding my bike home and noticed in front of my friend eve’s apartment building a truck for sale.  i knew that her husband david had a similar truck, and i also knew that they were moving to d.c. very soon.  so i emailed eve as soon as i got home to inquire about the truck.  she wrote back and confirmed that they indeed were selling the truck and put me in contact with david.  i checked out the craig’s list ad and forwarded it to my brother david (as he is a mechanic and lover of trucks) to see if this looked good.  he called me back and told me it looked like a good truck, and the price was very fair.  so next i had to make my case to patrick.  we already have an older car, and have shared it for the past 7 years.  patrick has been working very hard to not use the car at all for the past 2 years.  he commutes to work every day via bike or bus, so i wasn’t sure he would be very into increasing our carbon footprint.  we had talked about getting a truck when it was time for a new vehicle, but that was a few years off (if we are lucky).  i guess i made my case well enough because within the week we were handing david a check, and he was handing us the keys.  i even took care of getting insurance, and tags and titles.  all things which i hate doing, but was willing to suffer through for the truck.  and she was ours, and i fell in love.  she is a 1986 ford f-150, v-8, automatic but 4 wheel drive, dark green and rust colored (due to the rust), but she sure is pertty.  we decided to name her monday so that if we want to get 6 more trucks they will each be driven one day a week.  in fact monday inspired a post from patrick and also inspired a post from the lovely gwen (my beekeeping assistant) to go along with her monday muffins theme.  she also inspired me to put work into an art show at the house i used to live in.  it was a show for women, trans gendered and queer folks.  so what is more womanly than making a valentine to your truck?  not much.  so here she is in all her glory.

i love mondays

logistically this papercut is about 19″ x 24″ and cut out of reeves drawing paper.  it is the first papercut i have made on white paper, and really like the way it urned out.  where it is hung, it has no backing paper, only a white wall that it is set off of a bit so it creates a shadow, and i really like that.


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bees and bears

this is a new piece of artwork that i created as an entry to a show at the scarub club called blooms, bugs and beasts.  the work was accepted, so it will on display there from may 19th until june 27th. i took the title of the show quite literally.  but this papercut is about 16″ wide by 30″ long.  now i just have to get a frame for it!!!


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flowers and news

i realize that i haven’t posted in a while. this would be due to the fact that i have started a new job, as of last week.  i am working part time with a printmaker/book artist.  she is putting out a new limited edition book that i get to help print!!  i am quite excited as i get to learn how to operate a letterpress printer, as well as learning from her 30 years of printing experience.  so that means that i now have three part time jobs, as well as my own artwork to keep up with.  but only for the next month and a half.  i put in my notice at one job and will finish up at the end of march.  just in time for gardening/greenhouse/bee season to start.  and boy am i excited!!!  i will be helping gwen out in the greenhouse at earthworks one day a week.  i offered my help as she is taking over the majority of the greenhouse work, and this is her second year working in there.  i have been helping patrick grow transplants for the past six years.  i was a bit concerned gwen would think i was being overbearing, as she is already my beekeeping apprentice/accomplice but she was happy to have the company and help!  we work well together, getting very excited about most things and spending hours talking about fantastic meals we have had.  so i am excited to get some greenhouse therapy.  it is one of my favorite places to be.  i love the smell of it, i love walking around in my bare feet, i like the warm sun on my face, i love having my hands in the soil (or soilless mix i should say).  overall it is just fantastic, so i will be spending my time working in the greenhouse, keeping bees, working on my own artwork and helping a fantastic artist create hers.  not too shabby.  but now i am babbling and i should explain the above piece of art.  it was a christmas gift for my mom, the flowers from left to right are a magnolia, dogwood, and japanese maple.  these are all plants that make me think of my mom!!  so that is that, i plan on trying to post more regularly.  also as a side note today marks the seven year anniversary of patrick and i quitting smoking, the best decision i ever made, besides from saying yes to going on a date with him that is.


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