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another shawl

here is another project i finished up a couple months ago, but have yet to post about.  after i had one shawl under my belt i decided to make another.  plus i really love the malabrigo sock yarn.  it is beautiful and so soft, and the colors are wonderful.  this shawl was made for the artist that i have been working for for the past, almost 2 years now, as her studio assistant.  she has become a mentor and good friend to me in addition to being the boss lady, and i show my love by making people things!  she was headed out of the country for a 3 month residency and i wanted to make her something she could bring with her as a congratulations, early birthday, thanks for being so great to me gift.  i picked out her favorite murple color and the pattern was really simple and lovely to make.  it turned out quite nice.

i also finished up the soap making post over at patrick’s blog and he put up a post about us making tomato paste, if you are into that sort of thing.  below is a picture of some beautiful flowers i purchased at the market a little while ago, they looked so pretty and fall like next to my pumpkin.  i have been hoarding squash since this fall!  at our market the farmers sell heirloom winter squash and pumpkins as decorative pumpkins for dirt cheap!!  so each week i have buying a different variety, knowing that they will get better as they age.  i would have bought more, but they are heavy!  and sometimes it isn’t good to give in too much to that hoarding behavior, although i am sure i will be delighted by them come january.


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