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today is a good day.  mainly, for the reason that i have electricity and can work in my studio again.  we had some crazy thunderstorms saturday evening that knocked out our power.  unfortunately the electric company didn’t turn it on until 4am yesterday.  so i spent several hours yesterday cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer.  we had purchased some durian popsicles a few weeks ago to try, and had only eaten one (correction patrick ate one-i took one bite and decided i didn’t need anymore), as a result there was melted durian popsicle on everything in the freezer.  so now our house smells like a combination on durian and kim-chi (there were a couple jars of this in the fridge that i composted because they had already been in there for quite some time).  so now with the weather a pleasant 72 degrees outside i am airing out the house.  so not much has been going on in the studio over the past few days.  instead i spent time at book stores, picking cherries, reading and knitting by headlamp.  but it is back to the grind today.  my space is quite messy as i am planning my projects, which is a new thing for me, i usually jump right in.  so i have been sketching, creating a to-scale diorama of the gallery space (so i can figure out how many pieces to create and how many frames to buy and of what size), gardening, spending time with cute babies and their lovely mamas, and that is about it.  so here goes for some photos of all.  more creative spaces here.



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out of the studio

sorry for all the radio silence.  i have gotten myself out of the habit of regularly posting and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.  of news and interest i currently have work up in a show in detroit called ‘objecthood’.  it is up through the end of next week and open for viewing on fridays from 10-5pm, or by special appointment.  i am going to take better photos of my work on friday, but here is a peek at what i have been working on.

in addition to some new studio work i have still been knitting, even on the really hot days.  i am well into completed a sweater for myself.  currently the body is almost finished and then i will move to the sleeves.  i am kind of dreading the sleeves, as they seem like they will be slow and boring, and then after one you have to do the same things all over again!!! but this time the sweater actually fits!  bonus.  it uses a few techniques i was previously unfamiliar with, such as knitting pockets into the sweater (i don’t do well with simple).  i am also alternating skeins, which means i am knitting back and forth with two balls of yarn because they come from different dye lots and therefore do not match very well.  so it looks kind of stripey.  but here is a mini sweater for a baby i finished in about two or three days.  it was a quick knit, and is very soft.  it is to send to a friend who is having a baby off in a far and distant land!!! sweater raveled here.  more creative spaces here.


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fava beans

here is some fava bean love.  we usually only get one small meal out of what we plant, but they are so beautiful.  today was full of beautiful weather and checking the bees.  gwen and i made 2 more splits today after seeing some queen cells with eggs in them.  so yeah for more bees, and more beans!!

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june, really?

ok i am going to make this brief as i am baby watching at the moment.  the baby is sleeping in her chair beside me on the kitchen counter.  she seems to really like the kitchen.  so here is a quick catch-up and new challenge for me.  first off the baby is not mine, but resides with some dear friends whom just introduced her to the world a little over 2 weeks ago.  i have been super busy with gardens, bees and artwork.  we have a lot of beautiful lettuce in the garden, almost ready for harvest, planted all our tomatoes (which are now being destroyed by rabbits!!) irises are in full bloom, and almost finished.  we harvested all the spinach that we planted in august (about a bushel) and finally ripped the plants out.  i requeened our hive at our house, my first time ever doing that, and am hoping that they accept her.  i have quite a few art projects in the works to post about in the upcoming months.  i have been very bad about updating on here, so i am challenging myself to post a picture a day for the next week to get myself back into the swing of things.   check out more creative spaces here.

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mushrooms and birds

it has been raining a lot, with a sunny day scattered here and there.  terrible weather for gardening and enjoying the outdoors, but fantastic weather for mushrooms!!  patrick and i found almost 3/4 of a pound of morels in our backyard this week.  signs of spring are also popping up everywhere, as i found the remains of a beautiful blue robin’s egg, the peonies are growing fast and the garlic is getting taller.  i checked on our one remaining hive last week and they were still alive, but pretty weak.  the cluster was really tiny and the queen had only laid a small amount of brood.  we have a lot of weak hives at earthworks as well.  i can only hope for the best, but it has been a terribly rough year for the bees so far.  but now all the flowering trees are in bloom and i was woken up to the sounds of a spring thunderstorm, so hope is still alive.

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happy may day!!

well happy may day, a great holiday in my opinion, a celebration of spring and political protest!  i have not been up to too much in the studio, so once again i will inundate you with pastoral scenes from my back yard.


so here is what is happening in the yard:

• spinach that was planted in august under hoops is still going strong
• the ornamental pear tree in our front yard is in bloom, detroit has a lot of flowering trees, so spring
here is quite lovely!
• new garden beds have been prepped and are ready for planting
• our carpet of violets in the side yard has returned!
• a bird house i put out 3 years ago is finally inhabited by a bird, i have not  figured out what kind of bird,
but seeing a twiggy nest in there was quite exciting
• fava beans popping out of the ground

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catch-up in photos

and a few words, but not many.

this is what has been happening.  unearthing garden beds from layers of mulch, lots and lots and lots of rain, harvesting the last of the kale and turnips from under the hoops,  finding a nest of baby bunnies and then scaring them away, trying out new recipes, almost completing a sweater and realizing that it is way too big but not having the heart to rip it all out yet, flowers inside the house and a few outside, starting seeds for transplants, and a fancy fast new-to-me bike.  happy spring!


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