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official wedding artist

last month two of my dear friends, eitan and joanna, were married.  their wedding was a completely epic weekend event that really exemplified  the idea of a community coming together to make something happen.  but months and months before this monumental weekend i started working on wedding artwork!  they asked me to create their wedding invitations and it sort of evolved from there, and i started considering myself the official wedding artist.  the first thing i created was their save the date cards.  the three of us sat down to get an idea of what they liked and talk about some imagery, then joanna sent me examples of things she liked.  then i disregarded every bit of imagery that we had discussed and drew a picture of them.  well they are both very kind and patient people and were happy with the save the date card.

save the date card

when it came time for the discussion of the invite i had to remind myself that this invite was about them and what they wanted, not about me!!!  so many conversations later we decided upon some imagery, fonts, paper  and colors and the drawing for the invite was created.  joanna helped me print the invites.  if anyone is interested the save the date cards were drawn in pen, scanned and then just photocopied on to recycled cardstock, with 4-up on a page.  the invites were letterpress printed from a photopolymer plate, that was created off of a drawing, the text was also printed from a photopolymer plate.  then the pond lily was hand colored with watercolor paint.  the response cards were also drawn in pen, laid out on the computer and digitally printed.

wedding invite and response card

along with the invite was a hand drawn map of how to get to the location that the wedding was held, and a small card announcing the brunch that would be held the day after the wedding.  the last printed piece was a schedule of events for the day of the wedding and the ceremony.  once again these were drawn in pen, and digitally printed.

front of the schedule

back of schedule

i stuck to all of my deadlines and everything was finished on time.  a lot of people came to the wedding a day or two early to help set up and prepare, myself included.  i was immediately put to work on writing out chalkboards.  for two days i wrote out many chalkboards, none of which i have pictures of, but they turned out lovely.  one of the best things is that we decided to barter for payment.  for invites and all the other drawings eitan, with the help of my patrick, made us a dining room table!!!!  it is beautiful, and i sit at it as i type this.  the table is a farm table that is made from reclaimed pine, from a house torn down in detroit, with cedar legs.  we all thought we got the better end of the bargain, so i will take  that as a good barter.  congratulations eitan and joanna!!!!!


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holiday open house

need some holiday gifts?  want to support local artists and beekeepers?  have we got a deal for you – this saturday 2pm – 6pm the little house is having an open house.  you can sample some of the recently bottled meads, get some prints, holiday cards, and detroit wildflower honey.  we may be having friends selling other gifts as well.  afterwards you can check out noel night downtown!  if you need directions to the little house shoot me an email at

staceymalasky (at) yahoo (dot) com


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garlic prints

first i want to say thank you to everyone that came out for garlic fest!!!  we had a great time and it all came together in the end.  i will post some more about garlic fest later on.  this is about garlic art.  patrick and i decided it would be a good idea for me to create some artwork to sell at the garlic fest.  i did not have enough time to put something together to letterpress print, so i decided to do some screen printing.  i of course have only screen printed on one other occasion, and i also have the amazing ability to make anything more complicated and harder for myself.  so i decided to print two days before the prints needed to be done.  i struggled a lot with trying to get old emulsion off the screens.  there was one clear screen that i coated with fresh photo emulsion, but i spent hours trying to get the stuck emulsion off the other screens.  in fact it is still on there, so if any one has any tips on recovering locked screens i would greatly appreciate it.  the actual process of burning the screen and printing it went really well.  after pulling my first print i was again amazed at how magical the process of printing is.

the prints started piling up and soon i was tip toeing through my studio because they were all over the floor.  i also found that i became print happy.  scrounging around the house for blank articles of clothing to print on before the ink dried.

the original piece of artwork is a paper cut i made then burned directly onto the screen.  i did get the emulsion off of this screen but i had to take it to the car wash to power wash it out.

i sold 10 of these at the garlic fest, but made an edition of 33.  so if anyone is interested in purchasing one for $15 send me an email at staceyspiderspun (at) gmail (dot) com they come on a variety of papers, so indicate a preference.  in further news i will now be blogging at the little house blog as well.

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new treasures

on friday lynne and i went treasure hunting in a printshop that closed this past august.  when lynne told me about it, i was expecting to go to a little printshop run out of the garage of some guys house.  so i was quite surprised when i found the correct address and it looked more like an old elementary school than a print shop!!  so we ventured into the building through the shipping and receiving door and it was dead silent and no people were around.  it looked like the place had been out of business for 10 years, not 6 months. so after a fair amount of wandering and loudly saying hello in a questioning tone we came upon the offices.  the offices on the other hand just looked like the staff was off for the weekend (even tho it was a friday).  and in the offices we found marv, the owner, sporting a large brimmed cowboy hat and a nascar jacket all the while working on a fancy macbook.  marv showed us around a bit, and took us to the room that had the old letterpress equipment in it, then let us have the run of the place while he went back to work.  they hadn’t used the letterpress equipment in about 30 or 40 years, so i think they had gotten rid of a lot of it, or it was misplaced and lost along the way.  we did find a few treasures after digging through a lot of grimy stuff.  here is most of what i got, except for the flat file, which is still in the car and a few drawers of type that lynne has, because they wouldn’t fit into my car.

the loot

the cabinet to the left holds several drawers of lead type.  there were about 2 complete fonts that came in the cabinet as well as some spacing material. below is a drawer of lead type, the font is broadway, and a close up.

type closeup

drawer of type

the shop was filthy! it also smelled very strongly of gas fumes, solvents, and spilled inks.  it was also a mess.  they had sold a lot of their larger machinery in the earlier months.  we went into the pre press room and found the mother load of flat files!  huge ones, small ones, all filled with relics of the printing past.  the one i decided was meant for me was filled with old paste ups and rubylith.

below is s type high key.  it lets you measure if something is the same height as lead type for printing, lynne said this was the best treasure we found!

type high key

as we were searching i kept seeing small personal momentos left behind, such as the family photo mousepad, a picture of someone’s dog, or the half eaten bag of chips and two beers left in a filing cabinet next to some heavy machinery.  it really made me think of all of the jobs that were lost when this place closed, they must have employed a ton of people.  the building is over 84,000 square feet, a catacomb of a building where they did everything in house.  printing, binding, die cuts, foil stamping, mailings.  it made me think of all those people out of work, years in the printing industry, in a slowly dying profession.  all of those craftspeople and master printers whose art and skill will die with them.  maybe as those skills are dying out there will be a resurgence of interest and we will return again to a reverence for craftsmanship and a system of learning from those who have been employing their craft for years, instead of replacing them with a cheaper, younger, or sometimes computerized model.  i had some mixed emotions about personally profiting off of someone else’s troubles, but at least this stuff wasn’t getting scrapped, and marv seemed happy that we wanted to buy it, so off to a new home it went.  i am sure this type was manufactured before even my parents were bore, but i hope to put it to good use.

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