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more john chapman

in the course of one week we have gone from almost 100 degree temperatures to rain and lows in the 50’s.  it is truly starting to feel like fall.  i love fall, it is actually my favorite season.  but i don’t love that winter follows it so closely.  fall in michigan always seems so short in comparison to fall in maryland.  winter comes much more quickly here.  in preparation for my show that is currently up i spent a lot of time reading about the life of john chapman ( aka johnny appleseed) and pioneer times.  winter during those times was a life or death situation, but with the rising costs of food, gas, oil and the shrinking job possibilities it seems that winter is becoming more of a life or death situation to more people.  john chapman was tough rugged man.  he lived largely outdoors and alone, surviving the elements and living off the earth.  he was an animal lover and committed vegetarian.  he fervently believed in the new church of swedenborg and spent most of his life planting apple orchards spreading the good word.  as a man he is very different from the myth that was created around him.  the myth softened the edges and gentled the wild man, and made a more palatable version of this man.  ultimately, as these things often go, the man is much more interesting than the myth.  below is a paper cut from my series about his life.  more creative spaces here.

hiding in the reeds


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new solo show!

hi, wow it has been a long time.  in fact it has been a long few months and i have a lot to share.  but the most pressing to share is that i have my first solo show ever, and it is up right now!!  i will be sharing some of the artwork from that show over the next few weeks.  but here are the details:

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack and Stacey Malasky: Cut Paper

I have two new series of paper-cuts on display at the gallery.  the first one explores the life john chapman who later came to be known as johnny appleseed.  the second is called ‘home economics’ and is centered around hands making things.  There will be a closing reception on Friday, September 23, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The artists will discuss their work at a gallery talk on Saturday, September 24 at 2:00 pm. The exhibit and gallery talk are free and open to the public. The show is located at Paint Creek Center for the Arts at 407 Pine Street Rochester, MI.  The show runs through September 24th.

in addition to my show there is a group show in the upstairs gallery that is all about paul bunyan, and worth checking out!!

the good word

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out of the studio

sorry for all the radio silence.  i have gotten myself out of the habit of regularly posting and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.  of news and interest i currently have work up in a show in detroit called ‘objecthood’.  it is up through the end of next week and open for viewing on fridays from 10-5pm, or by special appointment.  i am going to take better photos of my work on friday, but here is a peek at what i have been working on.

in addition to some new studio work i have still been knitting, even on the really hot days.  i am well into completed a sweater for myself.  currently the body is almost finished and then i will move to the sleeves.  i am kind of dreading the sleeves, as they seem like they will be slow and boring, and then after one you have to do the same things all over again!!! but this time the sweater actually fits!  bonus.  it uses a few techniques i was previously unfamiliar with, such as knitting pockets into the sweater (i don’t do well with simple).  i am also alternating skeins, which means i am knitting back and forth with two balls of yarn because they come from different dye lots and therefore do not match very well.  so it looks kind of stripey.  but here is a mini sweater for a baby i finished in about two or three days.  it was a quick knit, and is very soft.  it is to send to a friend who is having a baby off in a far and distant land!!! sweater raveled here.  more creative spaces here.


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peeling apples

ok here is the second paper cut in the series ‘home economics’ that i just completed.  i am currently working on getting a website up and running!  that will be very exciting when that is finished, and it means that i can get into research for my next project.  i have been moving a bit slow this week due to some stomach pain and sinus problems.  but i am hoping i feel energetic and back to my usual self next week, this week i have just been tired.  so i have accomplished a lot of knitting!

peeling apples

in other news we had a teaser of spring where i saw the ground.  then we promptly got dumped with 8 inches of snow and more to come tonight.  the day after it snowed i felt like a six year old, as i came really close to throwing a temper tantrum that i just did not want anymore snow.

peeling apples, with directed lighting

well we can only hope that spring is indeed on its way!  more creative spaces here.

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post valentine

well happy post valentines day, i hope yours was lovely no matter how you spent it.  we usually do not celebrate with gifts and such,  but getting a valentine is still quite nice.  i, in fact spent valentine with my own sweetie and two other sweeties that we are friends with.  it was very nice even though i spent most of the day feeling quite ill after accidentally eating a dish with peanut butter in it on sunday.  i realized that after abstaining from anything with peanuts in it for the better part of 4 years i am still extremely intolerant.  but in other valentine news i was commissioned to make a valentine gift for a someone else’s sweetie.  i wasn’t going to post it until after she had received it in the post and given it.  but here goes, it was the ninth paper cut i finished in a two week span.  sarah, feel free to repost the photo!

to check out more creative spaces visit here!


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out of the studio

this week i haven’t made any new art, but i have been organizing, having work photographed, toning photos, and writing and re-writing narratives and artist statements.  on a more domestic front i have been baking bread, making soup, making yogurt and knitting.  i also ordered a fancy new drafting chair so i don’t cripple myself.

luckily for me, my friend charlie is a fantastic photographer, has access to nice lights, and offered to take photos for me.  so i spent a pleasant afternoon at his studio in ann arbor taking pictures of work.  there was a lot of painters tape involved, as it is my favorite on the spot hanging stuff up tool.  the photos came out really nice and we even played around a bit with the lighting by shimming the cuts off the wall by about an inch.  they almost make your eyes sore, but look really cool.  here is a photo of ‘knitting’ flat:



and this is the same image with directed lighting:

knitting shadows

i haven’t taken a photo of the current hat i am knitting yet, as it still looks like a wooly blog.  but i think we may have an overload of hats now.  this week i am off to buy wool for my sweater!!  i am very excited about that.  check out more creative spaces over here.




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keeping warm at the little house

it has finally stopped snowing, but the blizzard of the century seems to have fallen a little flat, although it is certainly cold enough.  so in the art department of little house farms i have been working on a commission paper cut that i finished today, but will not post until after it has been sent in the mail!  otherwise i have been trying to take it easy.  on sunday i worked on quilting a quilt i made for patrick for his 30th birthday.  he just turned 34, and we have been sleeping with it on our bed, with it being full of safety pin,s for the past four years.  the only impetus for me to complete the project is that i wanted to make another quilt, but it was gently suggested that i finish the first one i made before starting another one.  well after machine quilting for 4 hours my back had had enough.  i think the quilting was just the tipping point.  i think what really did it was the month of drawing and cutting paper in a hunched over position, while sitting in a crappy chair with a flat top table.  so now i am in search of an adjustable height good quality used drafting table and most importantly, an ergonomic drafting chair.  any suggestions would be welcome.  so instead of starting lots of new projects i have been laying around with a hot water bottle on my back.  in the meantime i finished a hat i was working on.  it was a pattern picked out for patrick, and made using some bamboo/wool/angora yarn i had on hand.  i gave it a few stripes because i did not have enough of any one yarn to finish it.  when it was complete patrick liked it well enough to call it his own.  i really like using the bamboo/wool yarn, it is really soft and warm and was great to work with.  check out more creative spaces here and details about the hat here.


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