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little tiny vest

here is a project from the back log of the past year!  i made a little vest for my nephew’s 2nd birthday.  my sister really likes for him to be sharply dressed, and matching, so i thought i would make her a little vest for him.  i also hate knitting sleeves!!!


yarn colors are so hard to photograph, and this yarn is a bit more teal in real life.  but it was made from a really soft cotton/wool blend that was a superwash yarn, made by spud and chloe.  the pattern was the julian vest, via ravelry.  it was a pretty quick knit, although i did have a little trouble with some of the center v’s, as i just couldn’t get them to come out right, so i modified that part a bit.


but it came out really nice and fit him perfectly!!  i really liked the little details of the buttons on the shoulders.  i have a few long done knitting projects to post.  hopefully it will encourage me to finish the sweater that i have been making patrick as his birthday gift last year!!!  maybe for his birthday this year i will finish it.


as always, raveled here.


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another shawl

here is another project i finished up a couple months ago, but have yet to post about.  after i had one shawl under my belt i decided to make another.  plus i really love the malabrigo sock yarn.  it is beautiful and so soft, and the colors are wonderful.  this shawl was made for the artist that i have been working for for the past, almost 2 years now, as her studio assistant.  she has become a mentor and good friend to me in addition to being the boss lady, and i show my love by making people things!  she was headed out of the country for a 3 month residency and i wanted to make her something she could bring with her as a congratulations, early birthday, thanks for being so great to me gift.  i picked out her favorite murple color and the pattern was really simple and lovely to make.  it turned out quite nice.

i also finished up the soap making post over at patrick’s blog and he put up a post about us making tomato paste, if you are into that sort of thing.  below is a picture of some beautiful flowers i purchased at the market a little while ago, they looked so pretty and fall like next to my pumpkin.  i have been hoarding squash since this fall!  at our market the farmers sell heirloom winter squash and pumpkins as decorative pumpkins for dirt cheap!!  so each week i have buying a different variety, knowing that they will get better as they age.  i would have bought more, but they are heavy!  and sometimes it isn’t good to give in too much to that hoarding behavior, although i am sure i will be delighted by them come january.

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out of the studio

sorry for all the radio silence.  i have gotten myself out of the habit of regularly posting and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.  of news and interest i currently have work up in a show in detroit called ‘objecthood’.  it is up through the end of next week and open for viewing on fridays from 10-5pm, or by special appointment.  i am going to take better photos of my work on friday, but here is a peek at what i have been working on.

in addition to some new studio work i have still been knitting, even on the really hot days.  i am well into completed a sweater for myself.  currently the body is almost finished and then i will move to the sleeves.  i am kind of dreading the sleeves, as they seem like they will be slow and boring, and then after one you have to do the same things all over again!!! but this time the sweater actually fits!  bonus.  it uses a few techniques i was previously unfamiliar with, such as knitting pockets into the sweater (i don’t do well with simple).  i am also alternating skeins, which means i am knitting back and forth with two balls of yarn because they come from different dye lots and therefore do not match very well.  so it looks kind of stripey.  but here is a mini sweater for a baby i finished in about two or three days.  it was a quick knit, and is very soft.  it is to send to a friend who is having a baby off in a far and distant land!!! sweater raveled here.  more creative spaces here.


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catch-up in photos

and a few words, but not many.

this is what has been happening.  unearthing garden beds from layers of mulch, lots and lots and lots of rain, harvesting the last of the kale and turnips from under the hoops,  finding a nest of baby bunnies and then scaring them away, trying out new recipes, almost completing a sweater and realizing that it is way too big but not having the heart to rip it all out yet, flowers inside the house and a few outside, starting seeds for transplants, and a fancy fast new-to-me bike.  happy spring!


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happy spring!

it has been a while since i posted last.  and since then spring has officially arrived!!  yeahhh!!  although we are under a winter storm watch for tonight, booooo.   i have been a little distracted for the past few weeks, and haven’t been feeling all that well, so i did not have a lot to say that wasn’t cranky and full of self pity.  but i have been keeping myself busy.  i’ve been steadily working on my sweater, and got to the point where i divided for sleeves and knitted a few inches below that.  i was so excited i put the stitches on waste yarn and tried it on.  well, it ended up being about 8 inches too big!  yikes my gauge was a half stitch off and it will only grow when i block it.  so while freaking out i emailed nora, my lovely knitting guru and acupuncturist, and she gave me some advice, some of which i knew and didn’t want to hear.  i needed to start over.  i ripped it back to the yoke, and haven’t been able to start working on it again.  but i redid my gauge swatches and found a better size needle and i will restart again this week (after i finish pouting).

i have also been starting seeds and working in the garden.  we had a beautiful warm day on friday and i pulled back the plastic on the hoops and discovered lots of spring growth on the spinach.  i also planted beets, carrots, arugula, onions, and lettuce mix.  i have some seeds started in the house and more ready to go.  my crop schedule is all on the calendar, and seeds are organized.  now i just need to make some spring tonic bee food and check the ladies.  we have had one hive die in our backyard, and one survive.  so i will most likely split that healthy hive this spring.  at earthworks we currently have a 76% survival rate, although this is the touchiest part of the season, when a hive that survived all winter can bite it quite suddenly.

so now i need to keep myself motivated working on art, even though i am distracted by the outdoors.  i still have not found a good way to manage my time effectively.  i have a strange feeling that i will be saying that for the rest of my life.  so for now i will leave you with another newer papercut of planting seeds!!!

sowing seeds


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and finally. . . .

after years of talking about it, i have a website!  that is why the look of this blog has changed, if you were wondering.  i made the website through other people’s pixels.  it was really easy to use, and i am quite pleased with the results.  the website is:

in other exciting news i finished my first sweater!  it is a baby sweater for friends who are expecting at the end of april.  i of course could not wait until the baby shower to give it to them, so it is already in their possession.  more information about the sweater and pattern here.  and more creative spaces here.


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this week

this past week i was in between knitting projects.  i finished one and was waiting for the gauge tests to dry for the next.  i have been knitting so much lately that it felt weird to not have a project going on.  so i decided to make something small with some yarn i had laying around. almost three years ago i made my first stuffed animal.  i gave her to patrick, as he gets the brunt of things i make on a whim.  well this creature still lives at out house, and i decided to make her a scarf.  it is very small, ridiculous, and cute.

i think she looks warmer.  in other news after the thaw of a two weeks ago, and before the other dump of snow last week i investigated our quick hoops in the garden.  we actually had some lettuce, spinach, beet greens, minutina, and turnips alive.  so i harvested some greens and turnips and we ate salad, and quick pickled turnips with dinner.  de-li-ci-ous!  anything coming out of the garden in february will taste good, just for the pure amazement of it.

even though true spring is still a ways off, i can feel it in the air. my thoughts have drifted towards damp earth, sprouting seedling and the rush of pollen and nectar.  i checked the bees today at earthworks and had surprisingly fewer deaths than i had anticipated.  they are anxious for spring, as am i.  soon the maples will be blooming, and it is all downhill from there.  the maples are the first real pollen source for the ladies, and a welcome source of protein.  gwen (my beekeeping cohort) picked up a mass of shop lights from the hardware store for various growers in the area today (to start seedlings under) and dropped ours off to me after we checked the bees.  so now i am thinking of making my crop schedule and plan, of mixing soil, making bee tea as a spring tonic for the ladies, the smell of fish emulsion and just looking for an excuse to be outside.  i am thinking of the urgency of spring, but also reminded to slow down, inhale, and realize what a beautiful life i truly have.

check out more creative spaces here, as always.


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