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official wedding artist

last month two of my dear friends, eitan and joanna, were married.  their wedding was a completely epic weekend event that really exemplified  the idea of a community coming together to make something happen.  but months and months before this monumental weekend i started working on wedding artwork!  they asked me to create their wedding invitations and it sort of evolved from there, and i started considering myself the official wedding artist.  the first thing i created was their save the date cards.  the three of us sat down to get an idea of what they liked and talk about some imagery, then joanna sent me examples of things she liked.  then i disregarded every bit of imagery that we had discussed and drew a picture of them.  well they are both very kind and patient people and were happy with the save the date card.

save the date card

when it came time for the discussion of the invite i had to remind myself that this invite was about them and what they wanted, not about me!!!  so many conversations later we decided upon some imagery, fonts, paper  and colors and the drawing for the invite was created.  joanna helped me print the invites.  if anyone is interested the save the date cards were drawn in pen, scanned and then just photocopied on to recycled cardstock, with 4-up on a page.  the invites were letterpress printed from a photopolymer plate, that was created off of a drawing, the text was also printed from a photopolymer plate.  then the pond lily was hand colored with watercolor paint.  the response cards were also drawn in pen, laid out on the computer and digitally printed.

wedding invite and response card

along with the invite was a hand drawn map of how to get to the location that the wedding was held, and a small card announcing the brunch that would be held the day after the wedding.  the last printed piece was a schedule of events for the day of the wedding and the ceremony.  once again these were drawn in pen, and digitally printed.

front of the schedule

back of schedule

i stuck to all of my deadlines and everything was finished on time.  a lot of people came to the wedding a day or two early to help set up and prepare, myself included.  i was immediately put to work on writing out chalkboards.  for two days i wrote out many chalkboards, none of which i have pictures of, but they turned out lovely.  one of the best things is that we decided to barter for payment.  for invites and all the other drawings eitan, with the help of my patrick, made us a dining room table!!!!  it is beautiful, and i sit at it as i type this.  the table is a farm table that is made from reclaimed pine, from a house torn down in detroit, with cedar legs.  we all thought we got the better end of the bargain, so i will take  that as a good barter.  congratulations eitan and joanna!!!!!


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my creative space

today is a good day.  mainly, for the reason that i have electricity and can work in my studio again.  we had some crazy thunderstorms saturday evening that knocked out our power.  unfortunately the electric company didn’t turn it on until 4am yesterday.  so i spent several hours yesterday cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer.  we had purchased some durian popsicles a few weeks ago to try, and had only eaten one (correction patrick ate one-i took one bite and decided i didn’t need anymore), as a result there was melted durian popsicle on everything in the freezer.  so now our house smells like a combination on durian and kim-chi (there were a couple jars of this in the fridge that i composted because they had already been in there for quite some time).  so now with the weather a pleasant 72 degrees outside i am airing out the house.  so not much has been going on in the studio over the past few days.  instead i spent time at book stores, picking cherries, reading and knitting by headlamp.  but it is back to the grind today.  my space is quite messy as i am planning my projects, which is a new thing for me, i usually jump right in.  so i have been sketching, creating a to-scale diorama of the gallery space (so i can figure out how many pieces to create and how many frames to buy and of what size), gardening, spending time with cute babies and their lovely mamas, and that is about it.  so here goes for some photos of all.  more creative spaces here.


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bits of monsters

for the past two weeks or so i have been working on a drawing of monsters for submission to a show, about monsters curiously enough.  this is the largest scale drawing i have made since i was in college and i certainly have been having fun.  although i am still learning in the process.  i think it would have worked out better if i had drawn out the entire picture before laying in ink.  i drew it one piece at a time.  or maybe if i had made 6 small ones that all fit together.  it could stand some color also.  which led me to research some photoshop tutorials on coloring digitally and scanning in black and white artwork.  i feel like i learned all of this new stuff for photoshop in about 15 minutes that made my head spin.  but for submission to the show i decided to not stress myself out and just leave it black and white.  i find out if my work was accepted this coming week.  here is a sneak peek.  i haven’t finished the full drawing, which i will post when done.  sorry for the poor quality photo, my camera is dieing and doesn’t focus too well these days, or take photos consistently.

little bit of monsters

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eve and david

pretty soon i will be back to posting on a more regular basis, as i will be making more artwork.  for now i have a drawing i finished last month.  my friend eve and her husband david are moving soon, to they don’t know where, as david is going to be employed by the state department.  originally for a christmas gift, but it slowly turned into a valentines gift, eve commissioned me to make a drawing chronicling some of david’s passions, loves and triumphs while being a part of this city for well over a decade, maybe two.  i did my best working off of photos from facebook and blogs.  i ended up making a humorous photoshop montage for me to use as reference.  this is how it turned out.  it has been a while since i did a straight pen and ink drawing.  i often forget how compulsive i am to fill space when i am drawing.  but i like it, and they are a wonderful pair of people.  eve is a fantastic leathersmith, you can see her work on her etsy shop.  we are bartering, which is quite exciting to me.  i get a fantastic leather bag in exchange for this drawing.  i have been talking about buying a new side bag for two years now, and hers are truly fabulous.

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more mead labels

i realized that it had been a while since i had posted.  i still have a few christmas goodies to post, but they need a little photoshop help first.  so i decided to post more mead labels.  if you aren’t familiar with these, the full story is told in the saga of the mead labels.  there were nine altogether.  i will soon have more fun things to post as i have been working on a few new projects.  i have been feeling quite fortunate lately, especially in light of all the tragedy and sadness happening in the world around me.  just as a slight explanation a melomel is a fruit infused mead.  this raspberry label makes me think of a raspberry liquor that i made.  it was delicious!!  i sat sipping it one balmy summer evening with patrick and our friend bobby.  we were sitting on the decking of the pool in our yard (by the way this is a non functioning pool as it has trees growing out of it, hey this is detroit) staring across the entire empty block and toasting each other saying, isn’t it great to live in the tenth largest city in the nation.  also the colors of these come across a bit off on screen, as they were intended for printing and constructed using cmyk colors instead of rgb.

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the farm plan

on new years eve i could feel the shadow of reality creeping overhead.  i knew i had 2 days and 4 hours more of having patrick to myself all day, without the hectic stress of work and other obligations.  it looked as though he sensed the shadow as well,and looked a bit melancholy.  when this usually happens i go into distraction mode, in other words i entertain patrick.  i spend a lot of time thinking about food, plants, animals, art and other general silliness.  i also spend a lot of time visioning our future farm.  so i spent an hour regaling patrick on what type of animals, how many and what their names would be, when we finally had our little peice if land.  monday finally came, and with it came p’s first day back after being on vacation for 2 weeks.  i still had one blessed day before i returned.  he seemed quite anxious about the mound of work that would be greeting him upon his return.  so i decided to dedicate a large part of my day to cheering him up when he got home.  i had been thinking about all of our critters for the past 2 days and had mentally constructed a drawing of them.  so i sat down, pen in hand and began to draw.  i didn’t want to work it out in pencil first, i went directly to pen.  i feel like drawing in pen gives my work a sense of spontanaity that i often lack in my life.  the images almost create themselves, no mistakes, no regrets, no perfection, lots of character.  i finished my drawing, scanned it into the computer and spent a bit of time coloring it in photoshop.  i then printed off a nice copy on watercolor paper and framed it for him.  i kept it a secret all day, through a visit to the ymca, and through making dinner and the consumption of one taco.  i wanted to remind him that when his life gets hectic and stressful and all he wants to do is have responsibility and obligation take a hike, all the important things were there in that picture.  he and i and dry toast, apple core, chestnut and puddles and all the other critters are a team. and even if that vision of stacey’s edible managerie never comes to fruition, it’s really the idea and possibility of it that matters.


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sea turtle

here is another holiday commission.  a sea turtle.  i had a good time painting this one!!

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