i am an artist and illustrator  living and working in detroit that originally hails from the eastern shore of maryland. i am also a beekeeper for a two acre organic farm in detroit.  i largely work in cut paper, pen and ink drawing and have been learning printmaking for the past year.  when not making art or keeping bees i am usually found gardening, knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, preserving, riding my bike, reading, walking or eating.  i live with my farmer partner and we have a large garden/mini-farm in our side yard where we tend lots of vegetables and a few bees while fending off a lot of squirrels.  please enjoy perusing my blog.  it is a space for me to share new work, projects, ideas and stories.  feel free to comment, i love comments!  but please respect that all images and photographs are copyright © 2008-2011 to stacey malasky.  please ask my permission first before reposting any of these images.  i can be contacted at staceyspiderspun@gmail.com.

to see more of my artwork please visit www.staceymalasky.com


5 responses to “About

  1. Susie

    Hi Stacey,

    I love the website… but as you know I am not one to fully understand the arts. That is left to you, Michael, and Beth. You are all so talented… I missed the art talent hand outs when we were in line for this life. So w/ my limited knowledge I am amazed at your creativity and talent. I also will say that I am the proud owner of a pig, and a soon to be mother who can’t wait to give the baby that pig from cousin Stacey/Patrick.

    Can’t wait to check back for updates, and show Michael the site.

    Love.. your cousin, Susie

  2. Di

    Your blog is fab-o 😀

  3. Amy

    Hey – I stumbled on your website by mistake. I was looking in Google for Accounting software that I had already purchased when I came upon your site, I must say your page is really cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time today to totally read your entire site but I bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feed. I will be back around in a day or two. thanks for a nice site.

  4. A.J. Dereume


    Great blog! My mom sent me the link and I’ve been checking it from time to time. Your pics do a great job of illustrating what you guys are doing out there and I like how you never neglect the finer points… the pic of the glass of wine while making honey for example!

    I shared a glass of your honey mead with my mom a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff!

    Keep it up!

    Your cousin… A.J.

  5. Kim

    Your blue baby sweater is marvelous! I knit and crochet a little, but that would be a big project for me! You must be really proud! I found a hat pattern that used a circular needle and those double-pointed ones, and I’d never used them before, but it made fantastic hats! I thought so anyway!
    Anyway, it is just lovely and a very thoughtful gift!

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