cold and sunny

hi there, it seems that i have unintentionally taken a vacation from this blog.  so here is a catch up from the last couple (er, few) months.  mostly i have spent the past few months coughing, being feverish, sleeping, and then recovering.  a few days after my last post i came down with pneumonia!  i have never had pneumonia before, in fact i have never had a fever that i remember either.  but i came down with both.  so i very very sick for about two weeks until my doctor figured out that i had legionnaires disease.  then i was given the right antibiotic and started getting better, but those two weeks were pretty miserable.  then it took me a few months to recover from being that sick.  i spent a lot of time sleeping, reading and knitting as i din’t have much energy for anything else.  but now i am just about back to normal.  it is just strange adjusting to normal life and not being sick.  while i was sick i managed to make an appearance at my art show closing, but within half an hour of being there i started swaying while standing up and patrick took me home.  but i would like to send a thank you out to all the good friends who dropped off soup, juice, flowers, cookies and sent me much love during that time.  i was feeling miserable, but very loved.  after i started getting better the holidays seemed to hit.  i still can’t believe that it is december!!  i feel like i am  living in a slight haze because it feels like i missed an entire season.  but i have a back log of knitting projects to share, as i’ve spent a lot of time knitting in the past few months.  this is a shawl i finished in july for my mother in law, for her birthday, a lovely gift for an even lovelier woman!.  it is by far the most complicated thing i have ever made!!!  i made a lot of mistakes, but learned a lot as well and i think it came out beautifully.  raveled here.  i also put up a post today on patrick’s blog about making soap.  and more creative spaces here!


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  1. janelle

    oh stacey, i had no idea you were so sick! i just read about making soap. we make it at my work, but don’t use any lye. i suppose that means we are really just melting boring soap and making it into exciting soap 🙂 glad to hear about the whole process. also glad you are feeling better!


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