my creative space

today is a good day.  mainly, for the reason that i have electricity and can work in my studio again.  we had some crazy thunderstorms saturday evening that knocked out our power.  unfortunately the electric company didn’t turn it on until 4am yesterday.  so i spent several hours yesterday cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer.  we had purchased some durian popsicles a few weeks ago to try, and had only eaten one (correction patrick ate one-i took one bite and decided i didn’t need anymore), as a result there was melted durian popsicle on everything in the freezer.  so now our house smells like a combination on durian and kim-chi (there were a couple jars of this in the fridge that i composted because they had already been in there for quite some time).  so now with the weather a pleasant 72 degrees outside i am airing out the house.  so not much has been going on in the studio over the past few days.  instead i spent time at book stores, picking cherries, reading and knitting by headlamp.  but it is back to the grind today.  my space is quite messy as i am planning my projects, which is a new thing for me, i usually jump right in.  so i have been sketching, creating a to-scale diorama of the gallery space (so i can figure out how many pieces to create and how many frames to buy and of what size), gardening, spending time with cute babies and their lovely mamas, and that is about it.  so here goes for some photos of all.  more creative spaces here.


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4 responses to “my creative space

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  2. To my knowledge this is the first time an artist has built a little diorama to plan out how many pieces she will bring to the gallery. I guess I should have expected nothing less. I love this.

    p.s. I like pie.

  3. I think that might just be me holding that cute little baby…unless you know it’s someone else 🙂 I think that’s my right hand (with omnipresent hair tie) and those teeth kinda look like mine…if so, I enjoy that I’ve been vaguely featured on this blog 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    The one and only, Alicia

  4. If not – which it probably is – I just like that it gave me an excuse to comment. I’m glad I discovered this space!

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