out of the studio

sorry for all the radio silence.  i have gotten myself out of the habit of regularly posting and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.  of news and interest i currently have work up in a show in detroit called ‘objecthood’.  it is up through the end of next week and open for viewing on fridays from 10-5pm, or by special appointment.  i am going to take better photos of my work on friday, but here is a peek at what i have been working on.

in addition to some new studio work i have still been knitting, even on the really hot days.  i am well into completed a sweater for myself.  currently the body is almost finished and then i will move to the sleeves.  i am kind of dreading the sleeves, as they seem like they will be slow and boring, and then after one you have to do the same things all over again!!! but this time the sweater actually fits!  bonus.  it uses a few techniques i was previously unfamiliar with, such as knitting pockets into the sweater (i don’t do well with simple).  i am also alternating skeins, which means i am knitting back and forth with two balls of yarn because they come from different dye lots and therefore do not match very well.  so it looks kind of stripey.  but here is a mini sweater for a baby i finished in about two or three days.  it was a quick knit, and is very soft.  it is to send to a friend who is having a baby off in a far and distant land!!! sweater raveled here.  more creative spaces here.


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9 responses to “out of the studio

  1. Such pretty little knit… really lovethe colour… Gorgeous!!!

  2. I love the colour of the baby jacket – so rich and warm 🙂 I know what you mean about knitting sleeves – I am not good at repeating things either. I hate making booties for that reason – why do babies have to have 2 feet??!

  3. Oh, the sweater is lovely! It’s gone straight into my favourites. 🙂

  4. I love cardigans for babies, this one is beautiful. Great colour too!

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