june, really?

ok i am going to make this brief as i am baby watching at the moment.  the baby is sleeping in her chair beside me on the kitchen counter.  she seems to really like the kitchen.  so here is a quick catch-up and new challenge for me.  first off the baby is not mine, but resides with some dear friends whom just introduced her to the world a little over 2 weeks ago.  i have been super busy with gardens, bees and artwork.  we have a lot of beautiful lettuce in the garden, almost ready for harvest, planted all our tomatoes (which are now being destroyed by rabbits!!) irises are in full bloom, and almost finished.  we harvested all the spinach that we planted in august (about a bushel) and finally ripped the plants out.  i requeened our hive at our house, my first time ever doing that, and am hoping that they accept her.  i have quite a few art projects in the works to post about in the upcoming months.  i have been very bad about updating on here, so i am challenging myself to post a picture a day for the next week to get myself back into the swing of things.   check out more creative spaces here.

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