mushrooms and birds

it has been raining a lot, with a sunny day scattered here and there.  terrible weather for gardening and enjoying the outdoors, but fantastic weather for mushrooms!!  patrick and i found almost 3/4 of a pound of morels in our backyard this week.  signs of spring are also popping up everywhere, as i found the remains of a beautiful blue robin’s egg, the peonies are growing fast and the garlic is getting taller.  i checked on our one remaining hive last week and they were still alive, but pretty weak.  the cluster was really tiny and the queen had only laid a small amount of brood.  we have a lot of weak hives at earthworks as well.  i can only hope for the best, but it has been a terribly rough year for the bees so far.  but now all the flowering trees are in bloom and i was woken up to the sounds of a spring thunderstorm, so hope is still alive.

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