this week

this past week i was in between knitting projects.  i finished one and was waiting for the gauge tests to dry for the next.  i have been knitting so much lately that it felt weird to not have a project going on.  so i decided to make something small with some yarn i had laying around. almost three years ago i made my first stuffed animal.  i gave her to patrick, as he gets the brunt of things i make on a whim.  well this creature still lives at out house, and i decided to make her a scarf.  it is very small, ridiculous, and cute.

i think she looks warmer.  in other news after the thaw of a two weeks ago, and before the other dump of snow last week i investigated our quick hoops in the garden.  we actually had some lettuce, spinach, beet greens, minutina, and turnips alive.  so i harvested some greens and turnips and we ate salad, and quick pickled turnips with dinner.  de-li-ci-ous!  anything coming out of the garden in february will taste good, just for the pure amazement of it.

even though true spring is still a ways off, i can feel it in the air. my thoughts have drifted towards damp earth, sprouting seedling and the rush of pollen and nectar.  i checked the bees today at earthworks and had surprisingly fewer deaths than i had anticipated.  they are anxious for spring, as am i.  soon the maples will be blooming, and it is all downhill from there.  the maples are the first real pollen source for the ladies, and a welcome source of protein.  gwen (my beekeeping cohort) picked up a mass of shop lights from the hardware store for various growers in the area today (to start seedlings under) and dropped ours off to me after we checked the bees.  so now i am thinking of making my crop schedule and plan, of mixing soil, making bee tea as a spring tonic for the ladies, the smell of fish emulsion and just looking for an excuse to be outside.  i am thinking of the urgency of spring, but also reminded to slow down, inhale, and realize what a beautiful life i truly have.

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5 responses to “this week

  1. Your first stuffed animal is super cute! Best, Antje

  2. Love your little stuffed animal and her sweet new scarf!

    Your veggies look delicious.

  3. oh my dear stacey. delightful! beautiful pictures! and turnips in february! and small scarves!

  4. I really enjoy and am inspired by your beautiful blog. Donna

  5. patrick

    i think she looks a little smug with that new scarf.

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