peeling apples

ok here is the second paper cut in the series ‘home economics’ that i just completed.  i am currently working on getting a website up and running!  that will be very exciting when that is finished, and it means that i can get into research for my next project.  i have been moving a bit slow this week due to some stomach pain and sinus problems.  but i am hoping i feel energetic and back to my usual self next week, this week i have just been tired.  so i have accomplished a lot of knitting!

peeling apples

in other news we had a teaser of spring where i saw the ground.  then we promptly got dumped with 8 inches of snow and more to come tonight.  the day after it snowed i felt like a six year old, as i came really close to throwing a temper tantrum that i just did not want anymore snow.

peeling apples, with directed lighting

well we can only hope that spring is indeed on its way!  more creative spaces here.

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