post valentine

well happy post valentines day, i hope yours was lovely no matter how you spent it.  we usually do not celebrate with gifts and such,  but getting a valentine is still quite nice.  i, in fact spent valentine with my own sweetie and two other sweeties that we are friends with.  it was very nice even though i spent most of the day feeling quite ill after accidentally eating a dish with peanut butter in it on sunday.  i realized that after abstaining from anything with peanuts in it for the better part of 4 years i am still extremely intolerant.  but in other valentine news i was commissioned to make a valentine gift for a someone else’s sweetie.  i wasn’t going to post it until after she had received it in the post and given it.  but here goes, it was the ninth paper cut i finished in a two week span.  sarah, feel free to repost the photo!

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2 responses to “post valentine

  1. Vic

    Wow… that is…. wow.

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