felted slippers

i was supposed to work yesterday, but my keys accidentally ended up at someone else’s work instead of on my belt loop.  regardless i wasn’t feeling all that motivated to get into anything that required much thinking, or for me to turn off my young adult fiction audiobook that i was listening to.  so i decided to reorganize my knitting supplies and yarn.  it was a good decision since there were a few items that i did not realize i had and was going to buy, so now i don’t have to.  i also found two pairs of slippers my mom made for patrick and i last christmas that needed to be felted.  i had let them sit for over a year, and i think part of the reason was that it was hard for me to see the potential in them.  they sort of looked like wooly sacks.  but i decided to have a go at felting them.  mind you i had to felt them in the kitchen sink because we have no hot water that runs to the washing machine and the dryer is busted.  needless to say an hour or so later i was pleasantly surprised to find that they had shrunk into two pairs of cute slippers.  it was a lot brisk rubbing of wool in hot soapy water, but now we have another two pairs of slippers, and my mom’s hard work knitting did not go to waste.  there are a couple of moth holes in patrick’s pair that seemed to get bigger as i felted, instead of felting closed.  but i can needle felt some repair wool over them, and i was planning on needle felting something decorative on mine (the brown pair) as well as close the tab on them.  i just finished another hat that i will post in a couple days, now off for a coffee refil!


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2 responses to “felted slippers

  1. zvz

    They are incredible warm! Here what we got after spending whole day (uhh) – http://www.iinuu.eu/en/wisdom/handcrafts/how-to-felt-warm-house-slippers

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