out of the studio

this week i haven’t made any new art, but i have been organizing, having work photographed, toning photos, and writing and re-writing narratives and artist statements.  on a more domestic front i have been baking bread, making soup, making yogurt and knitting.  i also ordered a fancy new drafting chair so i don’t cripple myself.

luckily for me, my friend charlie is a fantastic photographer, has access to nice lights, and offered to take photos for me.  so i spent a pleasant afternoon at his studio in ann arbor taking pictures of work.  there was a lot of painters tape involved, as it is my favorite on the spot hanging stuff up tool.  the photos came out really nice and we even played around a bit with the lighting by shimming the cuts off the wall by about an inch.  they almost make your eyes sore, but look really cool.  here is a photo of ‘knitting’ flat:



and this is the same image with directed lighting:

knitting shadows

i haven’t taken a photo of the current hat i am knitting yet, as it still looks like a wooly blog.  but i think we may have an overload of hats now.  this week i am off to buy wool for my sweater!!  i am very excited about that.  check out more creative spaces over here.




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  1. Wow, these look great!

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