keeping warm at the little house

it has finally stopped snowing, but the blizzard of the century seems to have fallen a little flat, although it is certainly cold enough.  so in the art department of little house farms i have been working on a commission paper cut that i finished today, but will not post until after it has been sent in the mail!  otherwise i have been trying to take it easy.  on sunday i worked on quilting a quilt i made for patrick for his 30th birthday.  he just turned 34, and we have been sleeping with it on our bed, with it being full of safety pin,s for the past four years.  the only impetus for me to complete the project is that i wanted to make another quilt, but it was gently suggested that i finish the first one i made before starting another one.  well after machine quilting for 4 hours my back had had enough.  i think the quilting was just the tipping point.  i think what really did it was the month of drawing and cutting paper in a hunched over position, while sitting in a crappy chair with a flat top table.  so now i am in search of an adjustable height good quality used drafting table and most importantly, an ergonomic drafting chair.  any suggestions would be welcome.  so instead of starting lots of new projects i have been laying around with a hot water bottle on my back.  in the meantime i finished a hat i was working on.  it was a pattern picked out for patrick, and made using some bamboo/wool/angora yarn i had on hand.  i gave it a few stripes because i did not have enough of any one yarn to finish it.  when it was complete patrick liked it well enough to call it his own.  i really like using the bamboo/wool yarn, it is really soft and warm and was great to work with.  check out more creative spaces here and details about the hat here.


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3 responses to “keeping warm at the little house

  1. Oooh! The colors in the hat are so awesome! And they compliment Patrick’s red beard so nicely. 🙂

    Take care of your back! I have one of those “ergonomic chairs” on wheels, the kind that you sort of kneel on. Know what I mean? I’ve been using that to make beads (read: sit on my butt for hours upon hours) for years, and really have had no back issues. I bet in combination with a drafting table that tilts, you’d be very comfortable. Watch Craig’s List, of course! You never know what you’ll find on there.

    Good luck! Stay warm!

  2. I love that hat! I might have to try that for my husband. The colors and pattern are great! And can I just say I find the beard fantastic!

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