my creative space. . .

is really, really messy.  that is in the best possible way.  i have been working steadily on a series of eight new papercuts.  i find it really hard to get myself started on a new project, but once i start, getting into work mode everyday is easy.  the only problem is that the cutting process is really hard on my hands.  i can draw for eight hours a day and feel fine, but have to limit myself to cutting for no more than four hours a days, so i don’t end up crippling myself.

in process, lots of tiny pieces to cut out

little paper hearts

so i end up trying to tackle the most intricate drawing first and then stagger the easier ones in between, as a sort of instant gratification.  the process starts with lots of drawings that i use as templates for each cut.

finished drawings, ready to use as templates

the drawings then get attached to a nicer sheet of paper that will become the final cut.

template taped on and ready to cut

a few months ago i made the financial investment into a full sized cut mat that fits over my table, and it is worth its weight in gold.  once i have finished with the cut the template in unusable again, but i am never quite sure what to do with them, as they are quite lovely on their own.

templates hanging on the wall

and then there is the finished product.  i have completed four and have four left to cut.  i drew them all out before cutting to try and keep some consistency amongst the group.

finished cuts

so now i am off to finish writing a narrative for a grant application.  it will be a nice rest for the old hands.  especially since i recently had a knitting breakthrough and understand basic lace patterns and spend all of my evening time knitting myself a purple beret!!  check out more creative spaces at kootoyoo.

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