happy new year!!

it seems that i have a bit of catching up to do!  happy 2011, i hope it is a great year.  i haven’t even started reflecting upon 2010, as i am just coming down after all of the holiday busy ness.  i always feel a bit flat in january.  holidays are over, detroit is gray and cold, and all i want to do is listen to audio books and knit.  but i have some work ahead of me for the year, so i need to get myself in gear.  2010 was a pretty amazing year, that went by so quickly!  we are still harvesting out of the garden, mostly just spinach now, but it is still alive under row cover and plastic.  patrick harvested the last of the lettuce on new years day to share at dinner with friends.  it was amazingly sweet and still so exciting for me to see fresh things coming out of my garden on january 1st!!  our floor is littered with seed catalogues and we are picking out what will be planted in the garden this year.  i love crop planning for our garden, i spend days figuring out what we have, what to order and then make a calendar of when to plant and start what, with a corresponding map for the garden of where it goes.  patrick ordered us a new broad fork and claw tool.  planning for spring is what gets me through the winter.  we have also been baking a lot of bread and pizza (as we received a pizza stone for christmas), watching movies, cooking, having adventures, and sleeping.  winter is a time for recouping from our busy lives.  but what great ones they are.  i have a few posts lined up for the next couple weeks, and resolve to be a more consistent blogger this year!!!!


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