bigger hands and jars

i wanted to share a piece of artwork that i completed a couple months ago.  last fall i made a paper cut for the publication art&work.  exhibitions have been happening in different cities across the u.s. to coincide with the publication.  my friend nick put one together in detroit!  i decided to take the piece that i had made for the publication and reproduce it much bigger.  so i got some tyvek, painted it black and started working.  the finished piece is in 5 pieces and measures about 5 feet by 5 feet.  it is by far the largest thing i have ever made, and it was really fun.  it looked so huge at our house, but then looked strangely small on the wall of the gallery.  it just came home a couple weeks ago and i put it up in our dining room, where once again it looks huge.  patrick asked for it for his birthday, so i happily obliged.  here is a photo, and not a very good one at that.  but i am getting someone who knows more about photography to take pictures of my work this winter.


Filed under arty stuff, detroit, food and farming, papercut

2 responses to “bigger hands and jars

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  2. roni gross

    I love love love this work – all of it – Bravo

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