garlic prints

first i want to say thank you to everyone that came out for garlic fest!!!  we had a great time and it all came together in the end.  i will post some more about garlic fest later on.  this is about garlic art.  patrick and i decided it would be a good idea for me to create some artwork to sell at the garlic fest.  i did not have enough time to put something together to letterpress print, so i decided to do some screen printing.  i of course have only screen printed on one other occasion, and i also have the amazing ability to make anything more complicated and harder for myself.  so i decided to print two days before the prints needed to be done.  i struggled a lot with trying to get old emulsion off the screens.  there was one clear screen that i coated with fresh photo emulsion, but i spent hours trying to get the stuck emulsion off the other screens.  in fact it is still on there, so if any one has any tips on recovering locked screens i would greatly appreciate it.  the actual process of burning the screen and printing it went really well.  after pulling my first print i was again amazed at how magical the process of printing is.

the prints started piling up and soon i was tip toeing through my studio because they were all over the floor.  i also found that i became print happy.  scrounging around the house for blank articles of clothing to print on before the ink dried.

the original piece of artwork is a paper cut i made then burned directly onto the screen.  i did get the emulsion off of this screen but i had to take it to the car wash to power wash it out.

i sold 10 of these at the garlic fest, but made an edition of 33.  so if anyone is interested in purchasing one for $15 send me an email at staceyspiderspun (at) gmail (dot) com they come on a variety of papers, so indicate a preference.  in further news i will now be blogging at the little house blog as well.

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  1. 🙂 i have a SHIRT i wore today with that oh-so-fantastic print!

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