a short day in pictures

a short day for pictures, but not a short day for me.  we processed and canned a half bushel of tomatoes today and oven roasted and dehydrated the other half.  instead of packing whole tomatoes we sort of made a juice/sauce that we cooked and then put through the food mill.  it was a lot easier than whole tomatoes.  i also made some lacto fermented soda from some of the gingeraid of yesterday.  then we prepared for extracting honey tomorrow.  which means we have a space heater and honey supers in our bathroom right now to warm the honey up so it will flow out of the comb.  then this evening we attended a sukkot party at our neighbors house.  for not being jewish we seem to celebrate a lot of jewish holidays!!  most of these photos were actually taken by patrick.  he has taken a shine to my camera.  but tomorrow i will take plenty of pictures of most likely, honey extraction and put up some information on little house farms first fundraising event.  so until then, enjoy.

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