portland poster

life has been busy over here at little house farm.  we have harvested all our honey, i picked up some more part time work, lots of art projects and now i am trying to start a community print-shop in detroit.  i made my projects list the other day and felt overwhelmed just thinking about all of it.  so, i have discovered the key is to not think about things and just do them.  patrick and i are also planning a garlic tasting event as a fundraiser for little house farm (that is our little venture) for early october.  this year between the two of us we planted almost 10 different varieties of garlic.  very exciting.  we are also planning on taking a trip to wisconsin mid-october.  i haven’t posted much because i still don’t have a camera.  but i ordered it today and should have it by the end of the week, and i will be bombarding everyone with photos.

i currently have a large paper-cut on tyvek up at the CAID in detroit.  i will post a photo of it as soon as i take one, but i have something else to post today.  i was asked by the greenhorns to design a poster for a young farmer mixer/book launch party in portland, oregon.  the greenhorns are a non-profit dedicated to supporting young farmers.  i was pretty excited to make the poster, because i love farmers and it was a chance to exercise my photoshop and in-design muscles.  i made a pen and ink drawing and then digitally colored it in photoshop and laid it out and added text in in-design.  i was pretty happy with how it turned out, but i forgot how time consuming illustrating and graphic design are!!  but i had a good time.

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