to maine and back again

first off i recognize that i am way overdue for a blog post.  but i do finally feel reengaged in my life.  i recognize that the ability to travel is a priviledge, but i am glad to be back home for a while.  after getting back from penland i was having trouble focusing on anything that did not involve sleeping and reading.  i think that was due to being exhausted, mentally fatigued and knowing that i would be going to maine in a week and a half.  as i am sure you can guess maine was fantastic!  patrick has some pretty nice blog posts about maine at the little house blog.  but i will give my perspective here.

firstly maine is beautiful, very reminiscent to northern michigan, but with better accents and low tide.  ahh low tide.  being born and raised on the eastern shore of maryland how i have missed the smell of low tide living in this land of fresh water.  whenever i give my plants a little shot of fish emulsion it reminds me of low tide.  briny is a good word for it, and i like briny tasting food too.  but i should follow a linear train of thought.  so patrick and i flew into portland, as it is the easiest airport to fly into, and then we rented a car.  this is the first time we have ever rented a car, but it worked just fine.  the drive from portland to little deer isle (where we were headed) is about 3 hours.  we immediately stopped for a clam roll, which is absolute heaven.  unfortunately for us it was foggy the entire drive, and only getting foggier as the day drove on.  but we finally got to little deer.  patrick hadn’t been there in 15 years, but had spent quite a few summers there as a child.

patrick’s mom  and two aunts were waiting for us when we arrived.  we got sleeping arrangements figured out and got down to some serious visiting.  the rest of the trip went too quickly, which means we had fun.  we spent days reading, hiking, visiting little towns, and exploring the beach at low tide.  we foraged for mussels and cooked them within an hour of harvesting, ate lobster, visited eliot coleman’s farm and the johnny’s selected seeds store, helen and scott nearing’s homestead and more importantly we laughed and visited a lot.  it was hard to leave, not just because it was so relaxing a pretty there, but we were having so much fun with the women of the house.  our travels back to detroit were not quite as fun.  our plane was delayed at the portland airport for 5 hours.  we had a connecting flight at la guardia (one of the worst airports i have ever been in) that was taking off a half hour after we landed.  that sounds doable until you realize that your connection is through another carrier, in another terminal that requires you to go through security all over again.  so we ran, and luckily we had some very kind security officers that helped us scoot through more quickly, and we just made it.  sweaty and winded, but thank god we did not have to sleep at la guardia!!

so i have been back from maine now for a few weeks and have accomplished quite a bit.  most notably was buying a yard of compost for the garden (clay pit) and planting some fall lettuce and greens.  i have a post coming soon about a giant papercut i finished last week.  sadly i spilled coffee all over my computer a couple weeks ago and wrecked the keyboard.  so it is off getting repaired as i write this.  so lots of exciting things on the horizon and lots of new posts coming up!!!

garden ripe for planting

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