everyone is feeling the crunch time.  wednesday is our last full day in the studio.  thursday we have to end the class before dinner to do shop cleanup.  then thursday night is the auction and friday is show and tell.  studio assistants have to be here on saturday so i have no clue what we are going to do on friday afternoon/evening.  it would be nice if we could still work.  i guess we will see.  so yesterday (tuesday) i worked on getting my polymer plate made.  i printed out a transparency of the negative of my drawing.

printing out the transparency

then i laid the negative emulsion side down on plate material.  the plate then goes into the platemaker, gets exposed, washed out, dried, and re-exposed.  we used two transparencies to get a really dark plate, but i didn’t register mine right so i lost a lot of detail in the plate.  i was disappointed but pleased with the final result.  the platemaker is in a darkroom and thus has a photo safe red light as the plate material is light sensitive.

plate making machine

i also have to stop being so hard on myself as this is the first time i have ever done this.

finished polymer plate

i had a few hours before the time i was scheduled to print to i cut all my paper.  and then i decided to go to a “strong yoga” class in the afternoon expecting to get my heart rate up.  i found that the style of yoga being taught was not what my body was all that interested in. it was full of strenuous poses, but moved through in really quick succession, which i find dangerous.  chances of getting injured seemed pretty high.  but i guess a lot of people like that style.

cutting paper

plate on the epress

roni helped me and we spent a lot of time adjusting roller height.  i also did some minor surgery on the plate removing raised bits around the edges.

final print

i ended up printing for 5 hours in the evening and left the studio around 1am.  i will most likely work late again tonight as it is our last evening to be in here.

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One response to “tuesday

  1. STACEY that looks SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are SO RAD!

    also, i miss you.

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