the second monday, but not monday the truck

today was another good studio day.  i started on the path to making a photo polymer plate for letterpress.  i was going to do a rubylith cut, but decided that it would make a better drawing than papercut.  so i did what i know how to do and drew.  here are some process shots of the drawing.  i will take more of the final platemaking and printing.

rough sketch on copy paper

this a my initial rough sketch for the drawing on crappy photocopy paper.  just working out placement, shape and such.

drawing transferred to nicer paper

i then used the light-box here to transfer my sketch onto nice drawing paper.  it has made me realize that i should really make one.  it would save me a ton of hassle.

in process inking

then, using faber castell artists pens i start inking and outline of the drawing.  after that is complete i erase all my pencil marks.

detail inking

after i finish the outlines i start working on inking i n details and figuring out the background.  the background i will usually sketch on tracing paper first to make decisions.

final drawing

here is the final drawing that will get scanned in to make a plate. i will write more about that process tomorrow.  we also made palm leaf books today.

palm leaf book

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