there isn’t a whole lot to report about on sunday.  i finally got into my groove yesterday.  i think it helped that i got a solid night’s sleep the night before.  but i put on my headphones and got to work.  i was working on pressure printing on the vandercook.  i had made some paper-cut feathers for my plate and then did some hand sewing onto it.

pressure printing plate

now i know what you are thinking, that is a piece of computer paper not a plate.  but it does function as such.  i wanted the color to be a gradation between yellow and red.  i signed up for two printing slots, 7:30-9:30p and 9:30-11:30p.  after attending an ice cream social for studio assistants and teachers i got to printing.  i decided to make a double image, turning the paper around reprinting the plate.  i felt like it gave the image a feathery feel.

finished pressure prints

this isn’t the best photo as it is raining today and the flash washed the color out, so keep in mind that the color is much richer.  i had set some wood type to print on this as well, but after the image was finished i decided that the text was too bold and blocky and if text was going on top it needed to be more elegant.  so i just printed up the wood type on its own.

drying rack

i took a break during printing to go visit a couple studios and see what they were doing.  i went to the weaving studio and the shibori studio.  the shibori was absolutely amazing.  one day i am going to take class on shibori, the results the students were getting were so beautiful!!  i ended working in the studio until 1am.  today i am going to work on doing a rubylith cut to make a photo-polymer plate with.  so until tomorrow!

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