waterfalls and country music

saturday arrived and i think i slept better friday night knowing that i would have a day off, no thinking about artwork.  i stayed up too late on friday evening talking to my roommate, but i have been trying to go with the flow of everything and enjoy every experience without trying to control anything.  i usually impose a set of guidelines for myself as to when i go to bed, what i accomplish and so forth.  this trip i have been freeing myself from those so that i can be present in every moment.  ok so i know that sounds pretty hippy dippy but it is true.  so i set aside my feeling of needing to be in bed and just enjoyed the conversation and good company.  so saturday morning was another early start.


marc has spent the past week touring the area and hiking, so he acted as our tour guide.  we took the blueridge parkway up to a hiking trail to go see a waterfall.  i noticed the entire way to the waterfall was downhill, figuring that the entire way back would be uphill.  the waterfall was beautiful, as were the woods.  huge stands of rhododendrons, tons of lichen and moss, we even saw a little lizard of some sort.  the hike back up was very humid and sweaty.  after that we went to mount mitchell, the highest mountain east of the mississippi at 6.686 feet elevation.  the view was wonderful, it was hard to tell if it was foggy or we were standing in clouds.  the clouds were moving fast, and the reason we left for an early hike was due to the forecast of rain in the afternoon.  lunch followed at the restaurant in the park.  being in the south i ordered a pulled pork sandwich with a side of fried okra.  it was pretty tasty.  for dessert we split an order of blueberry and peach cobbler.  it was plenty of dessert for the five of us.  the blueberry was the clear winner and very delicious!!

mmmm. . . lunch

after lunch we meandered to a folk art center and then went into asheville.  there was a craft fair that lynne and roni wanted to go to.  so nancy and went off in search of iced coffee before entering the world of civic center craft fairs.  nancy told me about the website regretsy, so i spent a lot of the craft fair  looking for regretsy items.  there were plenty.  don’t get me wrong there was some really beautiful stuff there, especially furniture, i just couldn’t afford any of it.  the rest was what you would see at any other craft fair.  but at one of the furniture booths nancy and i came across these two older gents that were whittling gee haw wimmy diddles .  they spent quite a few minutes messing with us while we giggled a lot.  they told us there was a wimmy diddle convention that year.  we of course did not believe them until they pointed us to the poster on the wall.  then they tried to teach us to use the wimmy diddle.  they thought we had been out drinking because we were laughing a lot.  the entire scene was absurd and made me feel as though my entry fee was money well spent.  now asheville is a cute town, we saw dirty punk kids busking of every corner and even a produce truck.  seemed like an easy place to live.

nancy wimmy diddlin

following the days excitement we headed back to penland to do some laundry and get ready to see some country music.  we went out to young’s mountain music, it was a real old-fashioned country music venue.  the median age was about 73.  everyone was so kind and friendly to us.  the woman behind me said that all the musicians that were playing that evening had played with a lot of big names in country music.  i enjoyed myself tremendously.  the decor was very patriotic, including a crocheted american flag behind the stage.  there was a dance floor and even a woman wearing tap shoes.  there was one gentleman who was dancing that was apparently 87, and looked as tho a strong wind would blow him away.  he was also incredibly graceful. around 9pm there was a break in the music for a cake walk, and yes of course i took part!  the best part is that marc won the first cake.   it was a five flavor pound cake that weighed about 10 lbs.  roni then convinced all of us to go to the dance floor for some free dance.  proper etiquette was also removing hats and no dancing during gospel numbers.  we left as ‘wild thang’ took the stage.  i did visit the bathroom before leaving and saw the most hideous velvet painting of a clown.  yikes.

the musicians

then we went back to penland again, where the school party was going on.  roni, jo (the photography teacher) and myself went to check it out.  i stayed to dance for a bit and drink a beer, but wasn’t into it so i left.  i went to the studio and talked to shan for a bit before going to bed.  and then i slept.  i went to bed around 1am and slept until 9:30am.  so i have so say it was a fun saturday.  today i am going to organize my thoughts and figure out what i want to make this week.

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