oh the vandercook

today we moved over to the letterpress side of the shop.  roni went through all the technical information early in the morning while we were still fresh.  that was a very good decision because there is a lot to remember when it comes to letterpress.  my fellow students were looking increasingly overwhelmed and tense, that is until roni pulled out the wood type.  but before that we all had the chance to set metal type.  we split into pairs and each had a line from gertrude stein’s ‘a book of alphabets and birthdays’.  which by the way is really fun to read out loud.

poem line

we learned to adjust rollers, paper guides, ink, print and clean up.  then roni showed everyone the wood type.  wood type is generally larger than metal type and can be relief printed.  so we again broke into pairs and starting setting wood type.  i worked with kate, as we both love bright colors we thought it was a good match.  everyone relaxed when we started experimenting with color , patterns and ghost printing.  note that the wood type does not need to be set as text.  the letters can be set as an image that is not readable.

wood type locked up on the press

after cleaning the presses we started working on our collaborative prints.  my partners were allison and shan and we decided to do a combo of photopolymer plate on letterpress, set type and a pochoir stencil.  i was doing the stencil, so i needed to wait for them to finish the other parts before i could begin.  i also decided to go to yoga class today, as they offer yoga class twice a day.  i felt like i haven’t had much movement and i have been eating half my body weight in food every day.  it was surprisingly really good.  so i am going to go back again on friday.  it was good that i went because i was feeling a bit nervous about giving my slide presentation that evening. so slide time finally came around and i found my heart pounding, although quite a few people told me that i did not sound nervous at all.  i was excited that i got to see nancy and roni’s work, which were both beautiful!!!  we were all so relieved when we were finished.  books and paper also showed slide that evening, and meg and rosie (from books) played a song on accordian and violin that was beautiful, and a great way to start the presentation.  if patrick had been here he would have wanted to put a compression band around my head to keep it from getting big.  i received a lot of positive feedback about my work.  i was especially nervous because i have never shown my work to a largish group of people before.  after slides i was pretty done for the day, so i went back to lynne and roni’s house and had a beer on the porch with the two of them and marc.  and after friday there is a bit of a break, which i am looking forward to almost as much as i look forward to doing laundry on saturday.

the vandercook

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  1. Mom

    I love your blog posts and pictures. Please do lots of pictures so I can see all your art. It sounds like you are having a great time.

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