i have been here for one week as of today.  i hit a super major slump today.  i slept terribly last night, again, and started to feel the effects of sleeping poorly for 5 days in a row.  it was also hot, sunny and humid making the studio reasonably miserable.  in the morning i came in early to finish working on my collaborative piece.  it was just me listening to talib kwali, and i got it done pretty quickly.  i have come to realize that it is hard for me to work with other people around me.  i am used to working by myself and get easily distracted.  so i think on sunday i am going to spend some time drawing and thinking.  then i may have to work with headphones on so i can concentrate.  i really wish it was easier for me to work with others, as i normally love having company.  after that we learned about pressure printing on the vandercook.

pressure printing

pressure printing is essentially running soft textured items through the press under a sheet of paper.  you ink up a boxcar base, or other base.  it is very similar to relief printing.  after that i went back to my room to take a nap.  i was too tired to do much.  i feel so overstimulated that my brain has been having trouble shutting down.  but i did manage to sleep for a while.  i actually woke up feeling worse than before napping.  groggy and sick.  but i went back to the studio and roni showed us how to print with type high rule.  type high rule is what was used to print lines on business forms, but you can affix it to the press with clay in curved shapes to get really interesting results.

type high rule on the press bed

after that i still felt pretty ill, so i sat at my desk and cut out a feather for pressure printing.  i went to yoga again today and was glad of it.  dinner followed, then shower, then visit to resident artists studios and now a beer and glass of wine with mary beth!  i think there may be a waterfall on my agenda tomorrow.  marc is going to be our tour-guide as he has spent the past week hiking, visiting studios and buying his body weight in pottery.  i think he id trying to fill the marc shaped hole that will be in the car when we drive back.  no class tomorrow and it is laundry day!!  i am looking forward to getting off campus for the day.  until tomorrow!

cut feather


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2 responses to “friday

  1. Theresa Cress

    Stacey~ how I LOVE reading your daily updates! What a cool experience you are having. I can honestly say I’d have a tough time shutting my brain down with all the stimulation as well!

    How much longer will you be there?

    I look forward to seeing your “weekend pics!”


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