t is for tuesday

another day, another dollar.  well not really for me, but another day and another great meal at penland.  blueberry pancakes for breakfast and fresh fruit, delicious.  today we worked on collograph and pochoir.  pochoir is a fancy french word for stencil.  it sounds nice, although a bit  butchered by my slight eastern shore accent. it seems like everyone finds a technique that they go crazy over.  i really like relief printing and pochoir.

my pochoir

this is one of the pochoir pieces that i created.  i used lynne’s japanese hole punch to make a stencil of, well you guessed it holes.  i stenciled that in two colors then cut a feather stencil that i used a third color on.  i find that i am not quite as excited about the collograph, but was enjoying watching classmate andrew as he found his calling.

inking a collograph

in fact here is andrew inking his collagraph.  my energy level was a bit lower today even though i got more sleep.  i am excited to do some bookbinding tomorrow.  when you ink a collagraph or etching plate you rub ink into the etched out parts and then wipe it away from the surface using a tarlatan (a starched piece of cheesecloth).  in the printshop they have racks of tarlatan’s that  look really beautiful.


that is my arty picture of one such tarlatan.  all the instructors for this session were asked to bring a  piece of artwork for an art-show at the penland gallery which opened tonight.  all the work was really lovely.  there was also a lot of nice work in the gallery as well.  i was especially charmed by a silver brooch that contained a bulbous piece of moss.  if i had an extra $320 burning a hole in my pocket i would have taken it home.  after the instructor show we walked to another open house gallery at the brindle gallery.  the brindles are a set of twin sisters that make art.  a weaver and a potter.  the studio was set in the woods amongst some very tall rhododendrons and a nice flower garden.  their gallery was small and cozy opening into a beautiful studio.  it had the benefit of having a very cute corgie named lilly running around.  dinner proceeded, in which i was a little over ambitious.  i think i have eaten more meat in the last 4 days than the last 4 months, but everything is so good.  then back to the studio to put together my slide presentation.  next is a cold beer and then bed!


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2 responses to “t is for tuesday

  1. patrick

    sounds like you are having a wonderful time! i’m so happy for you, and enjoying keeping up with everything via this!

  2. Aunt Katie

    So interesting! I look forward to reading each day for my daily dose of “learning something new.” Trying to think how I might be able to throw out “pochoir” in some future conversation…

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