the first day is here and gone

today was our first full day of class. i came in at 7:30 to sand down the edges of some plywood plates to use for relief printing.  i had the for-thought to request a palm sander instead of using a metal file.  i felt quite clever after it worked really well, and saved a lot of time.  we started the day with a shop tour and demos on relief printing, and how to make an collograph plate.  after that everyone got to work playing with relief printing using plywood plates rolled up in single colors.  we started printing on newsprint and there were some really beautiful prints that were created.  it seemed like everyone was inspired by what the rest of the class was doing and feeding off of each other.

relief prints on newsprint

the plywood leaves a really beautiful texture that is different for every plate.  after getting the hang of it we moved on to good paper.  the prints we make today and tomorrow will be used for a book binding project on wednesday.  i was inspired by a print that mary beth (a classmate) had done and decided to play with overlapping color.

my first relief print

after we broke for dinner over half the class came back to print some more.  i felt pretty tired but managed to get my second wind after looking at all the bright inks!

yellow ink table

overall everyone in the class seems to gel really well.  it is almost 10pm and i have been here since 7:30am, but i am sitting outside on a picnic table feeling tired and content with a cold beer and a nip of whiskey.

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