and a day of rest

today i had a nice slow morning, sleeping in till 9am, getting dressed and then off to find coffee.  i went up to the studio to drink coffee, check my email, and unpack my supplies.  on sundays brunch is served at 11am,  so after putzing about i went down to brunch with nancy.  the food was really good.  so far every meal i have had to hold myself back from getting seconds.

walking path

after lunch i went for a walk in the woods, it was on a gravel track but i recently found out that the front office has trail maps for the area, so that will be a morning mission for me.  but it was a nice walk and nice to get some activity.  after that i bought a cold brewed ice  coffee from the coffee-house and worked on the five minute slide presentation that i have to give on thursday.

butterfly i saw on my walk

the rest of the day included sorting out the studio and getting ready for class, an orientation and dinner.  i have to admit that i am feeling a bit antsy for the class to start.  i mean the downtime is nice, but i feel like i here for the class and am ready to dive in. this evening was the first night of class.  everyone seems really nice so far and has a broad range of experience.  i am most excited about two older women in the class.  one of whom has written and illustrated many children’s books, and the other lives very close and takes a class almost every session.  i was talking to both of them last night and they were both warm, funny and full of life.  well now it is off to sleep to begin our first full day!!!

scenic view from penland

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