first day

today was my first full day here.  i slept like a rock for part of the night, largely due to the fact that i was wearing earplugs.  then i got a little anxious that i wouldn’t hear the alarm so i took one out.  i got up at 7am so i could get to breakfast at 8am and a meeting at 9am.

where i am staying

breakfast was good, with the exception that i wasn’t feeling all that well.  mainly due to nerves and waking early.  but i forced down some yogurt and fruit and filled my to-go mug with coffee.  breakfast was proceeded by a studio assistant orientation meeting, which largely consisted of paperwork that we need to complete.  then we were turned loose to our studio coordinators to prep for the next two weeks.  melanie, my studio coordinator gave me a lot of information that i am not sure i remember and set me to work.  i wiped down the printmaking studio, inventoried first-aid equipment and then went to lunch.

the printshop

now lunch was very tasty, a full salad bar, sweet potato fries and a pork cuban sandwich.  i have decided that i need to get some activity while here if i want to try everything that is offered and looks good.  after lunch we helped clean the book and paper-making studio.  it was left in quite a state, and they had been cleaning it all morning.  it made me think that maybe i did not want to take up paper-making.  i don’t think it helped that it was 85 degrees and sunny, and we were working outside.  but it was fun all the same.  i got to chat with nancy, my fellow studio assistant in the printshop and had a very pleasant time with her as well as sophie, from books and paper and melanie. late afternoon we took a break to go to the on-campus coffee shop for a cold drink.  on melanie’s suggestion i had a pomegranate and lime italian soda, that was essentially pomegranate and lime syrup mixed with ice and perrier.  nothing bad about that!  then we finished up and were done by 4pm.

interior printshop, print side

i helped lynne unpack our art supplies and then went in search of some shade to sit in, while drinking a beer and checking my email.  i found a picnic table outside the printshop and felt quite content.  i had only been sitting there for about half and hour when a young woman came up and asked me a question.  we ended up chatting for a few and she sat down.  at first i thought she was quite pleasant, until she started spilling her guts about her commitment problems with moving in with her boyfriend.  i really just wanted to sit there in peace and quiet, so eventually i gently told her that i wanted to finish an email before going up to dinner.  so she left, i think a little embarrassed that she had spilled so much to me.  after that i went to dinner, of salad and fish and chips, sat in a shady picnic area and enjoyed my meal.  then more getting things ready in the print studio.  all in all not a very exciting day to record in the least.  but a good first day.  off for some sleep then on to day two.

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