laptop sleeve

well i leave for penland tomorrow at a very early time.  i have had many ambitious goals of getting things done beforehand, and surprisingly have done almost all of them.  one in particular was to make a padded sleeve for my laptop, which i am bringing with me.  i looked on the internet for patterns and found this set of instructions on the sew mama sew blog.  so before i left for maryland i went to the fabric store to buy fuseable fleece and velcro, i figured i would use fabric that i had on hand for the rest of it.  i was going to use some striped upholstery weight fabric, but patrick convinced me that it was too boring.  so i found an old rice bag and he approved of that!  it was colorful and would be somewhat water resistant.

sleeve with no computer inside

it was a really simple construction comprising of three layers and a simple flap and velcro closure.  it took me under an hour to put together after the pieces were all cut.  i brought the cut pieces with me to maryland and used my mom’s sewing machine to work on it.  i got through all three layers with a number 14 needle and regular thread.  i was very happy with how it came out, and i was really excited about the lining fabric, as i had picked up a remanant very recently.

inside the sleeve

it is a little snug inside, but i think it will stretch the more i use it.  i think next time i will add a pull tab at the bottom to help pull the case off, a handle and an outside pocket to put your cords.  but overall it was really simple!!  i think i will add those additions to the one i make for patrick.

computer in sleeve

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