new friends

patrick and i just returned from a trip to maryland.  we met our new nephew, ate crabs with both of our families (that were sooo delicious, thanks dave!!!), sat on porches, and returned to michigan’s hottest weather thus far this summer. if you are interested in reading about some crab eating, patrick put up a post about it here. i am leaving for penland on friday so i have been scrambling trying to get a lot done beforehand.  i also happen to be saving up for a fancy smancy new camera, so i have been taking more commission work before i leave.  i feel that it is always good to have a deadline, and when we were home for the winter holidays patrick’s aunt janet commissioned me for some stuffed animals.  going to maryland was a great reason for me to get my ass in gear and make them.  she requested a pig and a duck.  the duck was new for me.  but i made a pattern and was really pleased with the way it turned out.

hot pink duck

i was concerned that the solid pink color would be a bit on the boring side, so i decided to do top topstitching to give it some texture.

wing detail

the pig is from my old pig pattern, but i made his snout bigger, which gives him more characetr.

piggy piggy piggy

one of my favorite parts of the pigs is their little tails!!

pigs backside

i also made a nifty laptop sleeve that i will post about this week.

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One response to “new friends

  1. Jennifer

    I love the top stitching and I love the pig! Auntie will love them.

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