oodles of monsters

well my drawing of monsters got into the show about monsters.  it is all turned in and finished.  now it is stuffed animal time.  i have two commissioned stuffed animals i want to finish before leaving for maryland.  but today i am going strawberry picking first.  we went a couple weeks ago and have quite a bit of strawberries frozen.  the need for a chest freezer keeps getting closer.  last time patrick and i made some biscuits and whipped cream for strawberry shortcakes that was truly one of the best things i have ever eaten.  it included butter that we made ourselves and lard that a friend rendered herself.  we have had such an abundance of dairy lately with miking goats and our milk share that i have been trying to use it all up before it goes bad.  i made some yogurt two weeks ago that didn’t turn out that great. the culture was off and it was thin so i added some frozen strawberries and honey from our hive and we made frozen yogurt in the ice cream ball.  it was quite tasty.  i also made some cottage cheese this weekend that didn’t turn out quite right, but i am going to try it again.  i think i cut the curds too large.  but here are the monsters.  for anyone in detroit the show opens this friday june 26th at the work:detroit gallery on woodward and martin luther king.  the opening is from 6-9pm.  sorry the photo is so bad, i am trying to save up money for a nice digital camera!!


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4 responses to “oodles of monsters

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  2. eve

    PLEASE start making prints of these!!!! This is so wonderful. I just adore your imagination.

  3. Loved the drawing. Saw it at the opening. I have a glass beast in the show too. I like lots of stuff in this show.

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