bits of monsters

for the past two weeks or so i have been working on a drawing of monsters for submission to a show, about monsters curiously enough.  this is the largest scale drawing i have made since i was in college and i certainly have been having fun.  although i am still learning in the process.  i think it would have worked out better if i had drawn out the entire picture before laying in ink.  i drew it one piece at a time.  or maybe if i had made 6 small ones that all fit together.  it could stand some color also.  which led me to research some photoshop tutorials on coloring digitally and scanning in black and white artwork.  i feel like i learned all of this new stuff for photoshop in about 15 minutes that made my head spin.  but for submission to the show i decided to not stress myself out and just leave it black and white.  i find out if my work was accepted this coming week.  here is a sneak peek.  i haven’t finished the full drawing, which i will post when done.  sorry for the poor quality photo, my camera is dieing and doesn’t focus too well these days, or take photos consistently.

little bit of monsters

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