a few weeks ago i was riding my bike home and noticed in front of my friend eve’s apartment building a truck for sale.  i knew that her husband david had a similar truck, and i also knew that they were moving to d.c. very soon.  so i emailed eve as soon as i got home to inquire about the truck.  she wrote back and confirmed that they indeed were selling the truck and put me in contact with david.  i checked out the craig’s list ad and forwarded it to my brother david (as he is a mechanic and lover of trucks) to see if this looked good.  he called me back and told me it looked like a good truck, and the price was very fair.  so next i had to make my case to patrick.  we already have an older car, and have shared it for the past 7 years.  patrick has been working very hard to not use the car at all for the past 2 years.  he commutes to work every day via bike or bus, so i wasn’t sure he would be very into increasing our carbon footprint.  we had talked about getting a truck when it was time for a new vehicle, but that was a few years off (if we are lucky).  i guess i made my case well enough because within the week we were handing david a check, and he was handing us the keys.  i even took care of getting insurance, and tags and titles.  all things which i hate doing, but was willing to suffer through for the truck.  and she was ours, and i fell in love.  she is a 1986 ford f-150, v-8, automatic but 4 wheel drive, dark green and rust colored (due to the rust), but she sure is pertty.  we decided to name her monday so that if we want to get 6 more trucks they will each be driven one day a week.  in fact monday inspired a post from patrick and also inspired a post from the lovely gwen (my beekeeping assistant) to go along with her monday muffins theme.  she also inspired me to put work into an art show at the house i used to live in.  it was a show for women, trans gendered and queer folks.  so what is more womanly than making a valentine to your truck?  not much.  so here she is in all her glory.

i love mondays

logistically this papercut is about 19″ x 24″ and cut out of reeves drawing paper.  it is the first papercut i have made on white paper, and really like the way it urned out.  where it is hung, it has no backing paper, only a white wall that it is set off of a bit so it creates a shadow, and i really like that.


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6 responses to “monday

  1. Jennifer

    If you ever decide to make prints, I WANT ONE. That’s sweet sister-type-lady.

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  3. eve

    How much is the paper cutting? I used to have a truck like that I sold recently and it would make a good keep sake. IT sounds like you two _ Monday _ and you are a good match. Congrats!

  4. eve

    okay- “someone” commented and was logged in as me. This is incredible Stacey! If it does not sell at the show then I want it… do I foresee a bidding war here? Wonder if you’ll even be able to part with it?

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