its been a while eh?

so i realize that it has been quite some time since i have posted anything.  this is mostly because i haven’t made any new artwork in a while.  so i will just give an update on this one and maybe a picture of the bees, who are busily pulling in any pollen they can find.  last week i finished one job, so now i am down to two, and have some breathing room.  in fact i have been taking it easy for the past few days.  no alarm clock, no agenda, nothing.  although i still find myself reasonably busy.  i have also been applying for artist residencies, which has ended in a rejection thus far.  i find that as much as i try to convince myself that i don’t care one way or the other, the rejection still hurts.  i am sure it always will from what i can tell.  gardening on the other hand has not rejected me.  i have been spending hours planning my garden map, trying to fit in all of the seeds i purchased.  it is quite complicated and has no logical rotation, but i have been enjoying myself quite a bit.  it has been a bit of a sad week or so.  last monday marked the two year anniversary or our friend dave’s death.  he has been weighing heavily on my mind as of late.  patrick wrote a really touching post about dave here.  his loss still feels heavy in this community.  in celebration of his life, on the anniversary of his death we pruned fruit trees in the neighborhood.  a number of the folks who live in the house that dave owned joined us.  that evening we went over to the house for a potluck.  i wasn’t going to go because being at that house is still really hard for me, but i am glad i did.  it seemed to heal a small hole in my heart seeing how much work they have done on the house, and how they have come together to keep dave’s amazing vision going. he was a flame that burned too bright for too short of a time.  yesterday our friend mick passed away.  mick was an activist in detroit for the past 40 odd years.  when i lived at the trumbullplex he and his wife sherry lived on the block behind the house, and were the paternal and maternal figures to the residents of the house.  mick was a musician, an artist, a poet and a carpenter.  he was a quietly larger than life figure with deep roots in detroit’s activist community.  he had a construction accident a couple months ago, and never really recovered.  he will also be missed greatly.  i found out this morning as last night we were very kindly invited to a passover seder dinner at our friend’s parents house.  it was my first seder dinner and i had a really nice time.  the stories were really interesting, the food was outstanding as were the thirty or so people attending.  this time of year seems to echo the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  i can only hope towards the rebirth of life in spring to help wash the bitter taste of loss from our mouths.

bees pulling in pollen

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