eve and david

pretty soon i will be back to posting on a more regular basis, as i will be making more artwork.  for now i have a drawing i finished last month.  my friend eve and her husband david are moving soon, to they don’t know where, as david is going to be employed by the state department.  originally for a christmas gift, but it slowly turned into a valentines gift, eve commissioned me to make a drawing chronicling some of david’s passions, loves and triumphs while being a part of this city for well over a decade, maybe two.  i did my best working off of photos from facebook and blogs.  i ended up making a humorous photoshop montage for me to use as reference.  this is how it turned out.  it has been a while since i did a straight pen and ink drawing.  i often forget how compulsive i am to fill space when i am drawing.  but i like it, and they are a wonderful pair of people.  eve is a fantastic leathersmith, you can see her work on her etsy shop.  we are bartering, which is quite exciting to me.  i get a fantastic leather bag in exchange for this drawing.  i have been talking about buying a new side bag for two years now, and hers are truly fabulous.

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  1. eve

    stacey- this is hilarious. I was just beginning a post on my blog about our swap and clicked over here to get your url to link. And this is what greets me! I love it! Much nicer photo than the one I took with my iphone. Hope you don’t mind if I drag it over to my site too! I will let you know when I post this entry- once I make the bag…(next sunday, me thinks)

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