sticky fingers

i have to say that as far as animals go, i like the raccoon.  i am sure i would sing a different tune if they decided to rifle through my trash cans.  i know that we have raccoons in the old warehouse (with no roof that is filled with trash) behind our house.  i went into the backyard a few weeks ago to brush the snow off the entrances of my bee hives and knock on their sides.  i was the first human to traipse across the snow, but not the first creature by far.  i saw the distinctive marks of the rabbits that like to eat my pea shoots, and one day i will reclaim those pea shoots by eating those rabbits.  in detroit we have a large population of pheasants, and they are much easier to spot in the winter, as well as having lovely snow marks, you can see feet marks and a graceful nonlinear line from where their long tail feather has followed behind them.  squirrel marks are very spastic, as they move a round a lot.  a few were unidentified, but i suspect a possum.  then there were these curious little marks that looked like a combination of a miniature human hand and a star, each print perfectly shaped.  raccoons usually mean trouble to the homeowner, or dweller.  they are clever and sneaky, two traits i admire greatly.  their agile little paws can open things that in theory they shouldn’t be able to.  so when i bought some felting needles and a bag of dyed wool i took the raccoon as my inspiration.

i made this mini raccoon while watching a documentary with patrick.  i was on the fence about wanting to see it, so i decided that i would multitask.  i ended up enjoying the movie and making a raccoon at the same time!

he turned out so cute that i couldn’t keep him to myself.  so we gave him to patrick’s aunt janet for christmas.  we figured she would enjoy him a lot.

i haven’t had much time to create any new creatures or artwork in the past two months.  i am very much looking forward to april when i have more time to play and create things.

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  1. Aunt Katie

    I’ve had a little raccoon hanging out under my bird feeder in broad daylight for the last two days. I’m guessing he is not well. Yours is waaaayy cuter! I’m curious – why do you knock on the bee hives?

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