flowers and news

i realize that i haven’t posted in a while. this would be due to the fact that i have started a new job, as of last week.  i am working part time with a printmaker/book artist.  she is putting out a new limited edition book that i get to help print!!  i am quite excited as i get to learn how to operate a letterpress printer, as well as learning from her 30 years of printing experience.  so that means that i now have three part time jobs, as well as my own artwork to keep up with.  but only for the next month and a half.  i put in my notice at one job and will finish up at the end of march.  just in time for gardening/greenhouse/bee season to start.  and boy am i excited!!!  i will be helping gwen out in the greenhouse at earthworks one day a week.  i offered my help as she is taking over the majority of the greenhouse work, and this is her second year working in there.  i have been helping patrick grow transplants for the past six years.  i was a bit concerned gwen would think i was being overbearing, as she is already my beekeeping apprentice/accomplice but she was happy to have the company and help!  we work well together, getting very excited about most things and spending hours talking about fantastic meals we have had.  so i am excited to get some greenhouse therapy.  it is one of my favorite places to be.  i love the smell of it, i love walking around in my bare feet, i like the warm sun on my face, i love having my hands in the soil (or soilless mix i should say).  overall it is just fantastic, so i will be spending my time working in the greenhouse, keeping bees, working on my own artwork and helping a fantastic artist create hers.  not too shabby.  but now i am babbling and i should explain the above piece of art.  it was a christmas gift for my mom, the flowers from left to right are a magnolia, dogwood, and japanese maple.  these are all plants that make me think of my mom!!  so that is that, i plan on trying to post more regularly.  also as a side note today marks the seven year anniversary of patrick and i quitting smoking, the best decision i ever made, besides from saying yes to going on a date with him that is.


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2 responses to “flowers and news

  1. Great site Im happy I stumbled onto it through my friends blog. Going to need to add another blog to the morning routine

  2. eve

    beautiful Stacey! How is the illustration coming? I know you’re super busy. No pressure, I’m just want to know if I can present it on V day… or if I’ll need to come up with another little gift.
    let me know! thanks. e

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