more mead labels

i realized that it had been a while since i had posted.  i still have a few christmas goodies to post, but they need a little photoshop help first.  so i decided to post more mead labels.  if you aren’t familiar with these, the full story is told in the saga of the mead labels.  there were nine altogether.  i will soon have more fun things to post as i have been working on a few new projects.  i have been feeling quite fortunate lately, especially in light of all the tragedy and sadness happening in the world around me.  just as a slight explanation a melomel is a fruit infused mead.  this raspberry label makes me think of a raspberry liquor that i made.  it was delicious!!  i sat sipping it one balmy summer evening with patrick and our friend bobby.  we were sitting on the decking of the pool in our yard (by the way this is a non functioning pool as it has trees growing out of it, hey this is detroit) staring across the entire empty block and toasting each other saying, isn’t it great to live in the tenth largest city in the nation.  also the colors of these come across a bit off on screen, as they were intended for printing and constructed using cmyk colors instead of rgb.

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