spring and seeds

well we are finally getting back into the swing of real life.  patrick went back to work today and i return tomorrow.  it makes me sad, but i guess it is necessary.  so i will continue posting christmas presents i made!  this is a triptych that i made for patrick’s mom kay.  they were all plants that made both of us think of her.  the image all the way to the left if a fiddlehead and fern frond, the center is a trillium (a woodland spring ephemeral) and the one of the far right is the jack in the pulpit, also a woodland plant.  kay has an amazing shade garden at her house.  she also has some very beautiful sun beds as well.  she is always moving the plants around (as they are perennials this is possible) and it reminds me of how my mom is always moving furniture and the contents of drawers and cabinets around.  i have never come home for a visit to find the furniture in the same position as the last time, or to see the same window treatments hanging.  i am hoping that when patrick and i eventually buy a house or some land kay will come out and visit and help me set up some lovely perennial beds.  i am learned in the growing of vegetables but the growing of flowers and non edibles is a bit out of my expertise.  i also tend to have a very active color palette!  so by the time i am done with flowers my beds look more like a lisa frank drawing than a garden.  i seem to bypass the subtle beauty of texture and height variation and go right for color.  i am like a magnet to sunflowers, nasturtiums and zinnias.  the more colors the better!  it makes me feel like i am walking through oz.  and of flowers i have been thinking lately, as it gets colder and snowier.  i believe that the seed catalogues always arrive at the time we need them so we don’t lose hope that spring will be here at some point.  i have been poring over mine for the past few days.  being an organized person who loves making maps and planning, i will order all of my seeds by feb.  that way i have time to plan out my garden on paper, pull out my calendar and write in all the dates to start my seeds, prick them out, harden them off, transplant them, direct seed those that need it, harvest and then replant!  oh how exciting that is.  every year i get a little more organized.  this year i was organized enough to plant bulb onions, leeks and scallions in august and cover them with quick hoops to be able to harvest them earlier. if you are interested in learning more about quick hoops take a look at patrick’s blog (there is a link on the right hand column).  and at this i must go and peruse the seed catalogues while i watch the snow falling.

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  1. Aunt Katie

    I love zinnias, too! Cousin Jeff says they look like a clown’s flowers, so in my garden they remain re-named. Clown flowers! Happy perfection!

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