post holiday blues

i seem to have a case of the post holiday blues.  it was especially hard to leave maryland this time after good visits with our families, sunshine, walks on the beach and the spotting of several wild ponies.  detroit seems so gray this week.  although getting to see friends here has been a highlight to come home to.  the other good thing is that i can finally post all of the holiday gifts that i made!!!  i was keeping them a secret from family members so i couldn’t post them!!

this one was for patrick’s sister jen and her partner sarah.  jen has two giant, slightly ill behaved kitties.  the concept was patrick’s and execution mine.  we seem to work best that way.  he has the best ideas and is really good with critique on composition.  so in further news i plan to start an etsy shop in the next couple months and i will keep you all updated on the progress of that!  happy new year

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  1. JLC

    Slightly ill-behaved kitties??!!?!? I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I can say that this is just as awesome in real life as online 🙂

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