the goblin and the grocer

i am in full speed christmas make presents mode.  this was a cut i had originally made for the lovely lady that gave birth to me almost 31 years ago, but decided that it didn’t stand alone quite well enough.  it is from an old folk tale called the goblin and the grocer.  i have been thinking as of late that i want to do a large series that retell old folktales.  so this was a good study, but i think more panels are necessary for the full retelling.  but this little image is about 9″x12″ and is up for sale if anyone falls in love with it, just email me about the price.  in more exciting news my sister had a baby!!!  i am now auntie stacey.  ezra james lewis was born last thursday, weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz.  i saw a picture, and he definitely looks like a newborn alright.  all newborns sort of look like human piglets in a hat.  but i can tell he will be a looker, after all he is half malasky.  if i do not post again until after the holidays, have happy holidays!!!!  oh by the way if you are looking for some last minute gifts my friend eve makes the dreamiest leather bags i have ever seen, check her out her etsy shop.

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