grrr. . . animals

i got some new toys in the mail today that i ordered.  i ordered some felting needles.  if you aren’t familiar felting needles are longish triangular shaped barbed needles that bind woool fibers to one another to allow you to create firm objects.  i have never needle felted before but wanted to learn how as i had seen my friend megan doing it on several occasions.  i also bought some beautiful balls of wool rovings when i was in belgium.  once again if you aren’t familiar wool roving are carded, and often dyed wool that is used for wet felting or spinning.  the needles do not cost very much so i ordered a 3 pack in different sizes.  the needles came with a small sample pack of wool.  so this evening i pulled it out and decided to make patrick a dinosaur.  it was so easy!!  plus the dinosaur is very mini!!  i even gave him a set or scarlet spikes up his back, blue eyes and a nice set of sharp teeth.  it took me under an hour to finish the dinosaur so i started on another creature using the wool rovings i already had.  unfortunately they do not work that well as they are too fine.  so the dog started out as a horse, then a pig and finally a pit bull.  there you have it.


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5 responses to “grrr. . . animals

  1. pa ingalls

    i love my dino!

  2. JLC

    That dinosaur, though, would look very big and scary under the right – or wrong – perspective. Especially if it was being powered by a lurking mountain man.

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  4. eve

    I hear felted pitbulls are the “must-have” item for Christmas this year! Bravo.

  5. Excuse me for commenting OFFTOPIC – what WP theme do you use? Looks great!

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